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Description: A property for declaring how rare a material is.
Type: string
Allows Value: special, very rare, rare, uncommon, common

There are currently 437 items in this property, 0 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Caracal bone +rare  +
Caracal pelt +common  +
Cave troll hide +common  +
Cedar +common  +
Charred bone +very rare  +
Cherry (wood) +rare  +
Cloud-white leather +special  +
Cloud-white leather +special  +
Clouded arzumos pelt +common  +
Coal +common  +
Copper +common  +
Copperwood +very rare  +
Corrugated-hide leather +very rare  +
Cotton +common  +
Cougar bone +common  +
Cougar pelt +common  +
Covellite +common  +
Crabwood +very rare  +
Crimson merrows hide +common  +
Crimson-scale leather +common  +
Crocodile bone +common  +
Crocodile skin +common  +
Crusty barkhide leather +very rare  +
Crystal-bone +very rare  +
Cypress +uncommon  +
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