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Description: A property to declare that a page is missing some sort of essential information. Use it in conjuction with the {{incomplete}} tag.
Type: string

There are currently 20005 items in this property, 11862 of which are incomplete, and 3317 of which are outdated.

Subproperty of: Property:is incomplete

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E'erdream curio box latched by a silversteel fairy +Infobox entry on internal size  +, Infobox entry on location worn  +
E'erdream-handled haledroth halberd +Infobox entry for weight  +
Eagle Form +Infobox entry on short form ability usage cost  +
Eagle-winged bronze spear +Infobox entry on force of impact  +, Infobox entry for weight  +
Earrings +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Earth Cabalist +calculated title difficulty  +
Earth Sense +Infobox entry on slot cost  +, Infobox entry on casting type  +, Infobox entry on type  +,
Earth-brown Wayerd pyramid featuring a sprawling forest scene +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Earth-tone tree prism +Infobox entry on location worn  +
Earthen Fury +calculated title difficulty  +
Earthen brown boots twined with verdant leafy vines +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Earthen brown suede instrument case buckled with a long tapestry shoulder-strap +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Earthquake +Infobox entry on source description  +
Earthy brown sackcloth belt featuring a zircon leaf buckle +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Eauin +Infobox entry for guild  +, Infobox entry for race  +, Infobox entry for gender  +
Ebon cigar case bearing a gold leaf phoenix +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Ebon leather cowl shadow-embroidered with emerald-eyed panthers +Infobox entry on stealth hindrance  +, Infobox entry on weight  +
Ebonwood crossbow carved to resemble a lithe panther +Infobox entry on ammo capacity  +, Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +, Infobox entry on force of impact  +
Ebonwood lockpick case carved with butcherbirds in flight +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Ebonwood shortbow with an ornately carved grip +Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +
Ebony and cornflower blue tartan greatkilt with an aldamdin pin +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Ebony backpack of soft brushed cotton decorated with golden orbs and clasped with a silver buckle +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Ebony boomerang wrapped with raw sinew +Infobox entry for weight  +
Ebony display case with cloisonne butterflies along the edges +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Ebony feather tipped with faded red dye +Infobox is missing specific hair location  +
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