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Description: This is a property for creatures that are evil. It is a derived property from both the cursed and undead creature properties where it is true if either of those are true.
Type: boolean

There are currently 528 items in this property, 513 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Telga moradu +false  +
Telga orek +true  +
Thug (creature1) +false  +
Thug (creature2) +false  +
Thug (creature3) +false  +
Thug (creature4) +false  +
Thug (creature5) +false  +
Thunder ram +false  +
Tiger shark +false  +
Tortured soul (1) +true  +
Tortured soul (2) +true  +
Transparent shylvic +true  +
Tree Snake +false  +
Treehopper toad +false  +
Trollkin +false  +
Troublesome tightwad +false  +
Twisted dryad +false  +


Umbral moth +true  +
Unctuous Prydaen zombie +true  +
Unctuous Rakash zombie +true  +
Ur hhrki'izh (1) +true  +
Ur hhrki'izh (2) +true  +


Vaporous blood wraith +true  +
Vela'tohr bloodvine +true  +
Velakan slaver +false  +
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