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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Zaldi Taipa (Ranik Map 71a)
Type: shopowner


Madikh is one of the Wind Elves. She owns the Lamb's Shank in Zaldi Taipa, where she resides.


A fine-boned slip of a woman clad in a serviceable blue tunic and soft black trousers, Madikh has bright black eyes, raven hair pulled back in a tight coil, and a weathered face so wrinkled that she can't help but evoke the image of a little brown walnut. She is everywhere at once, orchestrating the preparation of meats and broths and organizing the chopping of vegetables and the pouring of drinks. All this activity takes place in utter silence -- with a nod of her head, the lift of an eyebrow, a quick jerk of her chin -- or a sudden thwap with the big wooden spoon she brandishes in one tiny fist. Her young apprentices scatter like leaves in the wind at her slightest glance, hustling to attend to their various duties of fetching water, turning hot baking stones, chopping, slicing, or cleanup.