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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Kriley is part of the M'Riss Penal Colony escape puzzle. It is possible to escape the Penal Colony prior to the 3-day (real time) sentence, but if you do you will be branded and without possessions. In order to remove the brand and retrieve your posessions you must visit the barber Kriley.

Secret Conversational Responses

Note: To receive HELP from Kriley you must be alone in the shop.

Ask Kriley About...

  • Brand (unbranded): "Brand?" asks Kriley. "Well, I know the brands I favor for my stock here. Like Walter's Witch Hazel for an aftershave bracer. Wouldn't give my customers anything else."
  • Brand (branded): "Ugly thing," Kriley says. Then he whispers to you, "I can help you if you want. Take it off so's no one would ever know it was there."
  • Help (unbranded): Kriley doesn't reply, but softly sings something about getting by with a little help.
  • Help (branded): "Good for you!" says Kriley. "Just go through that back door and have a seat in the chair. I'll be right with you!" And with that, Kriley opens the door to the back room and waits for you to go in.

Removing the Brand (log)

>go door

You open a stout door and go through it, closing it behind you.
[Barber Shop, Back Room]
Another wrought iron chair is similarly bolted to the floor as in the front room, with the sinister addition of restraints on the armrests. No mirror hangs on the wall to give patrons a view of the barber's work, and the shelves hold only razors and salves. The floor, bare of hair and dust, is stained with russet splotches. Dark rags covering the windows prevent anyone from peeping inside. You also see a stout door and a battered trunk.
Obvious exits: none.

>go chair

You sit on the chair.
Kriley enters and gives you a beaker filled with a foaming green potion which, after a little hesitation, you drink. Presently you fall into a profound and dreamless sleep.

After what seems like no time at all, you awaken. He says, "Didn't have a bit of a problem. You're as good as new. Oh -- and my, uh, friend brought your things. I've put them in this sack for you," and he hands you the sack.
And with that, he turns and goes out the door.