Jynli's Cattery (5)

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Jynli's Cattery HE Wing
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Kronars
There are other pages that use the name "Jynli's Cattery." Follow the link for more details.

[Jynli's Cattery HE Wing, Main Room]
Large spacious cages line the walls, each outfitted with a comfortable bed and a scratching post as well as full water and food bowls. Behind the mesh, each cage displays one of the exotic cats that Jynli is known for. The pets are mostly sleeping, but a few stare boldly out at the customers wandering around.
You also see a pet merchant and a cat-shaped door.
Obvious exits: none.

Item Price Done
long-haired tortoiseshell cat - [pet] 160,000   
long-haired silver tabby cat - [pet] 160,000   
short-haired flame-point cat - [pet] 160,000   
brown and black calico cat - [pet] 160,000   
blue-eyed Taisidon jungle cat - [pet] 160,000   
tiger-striped orange bobtail cat - [pet] 160,000   
beige-colored Rathan sand cat - [pet] 160,000   
cinnamon ticked tabby cat with blue eyes - [pet] 160,000   
white and black harlequin cat - [pet] 160,000   
short-haired smoke tuxedo cat - [pet] 160,000   
short-haired red tabby cat - [pet] 160,000   
long-haired white cat with bright blue eyes - [pet] 160,000   
charcoal grey cat with a kinked tail - [pet] 160,000   
long-haired orange tabby cat - [pet] 160,000   
battered grey tom cat with a notched ear - [pet] 160,000   
grey and white bicolor cat with amber eyes - [pet] 160,000   
brown rosette tabby cat with green eyes - [pet] 160,000   
muted grey and cream calico cat - [pet] 160,000