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sharkskin song scroll
Look: This is a Bardic scroll, enscribed with the non-magical Bard song "Hamael's Song". It must be studied to be used. If it is being read by another, no one but that person can study it.
Weight: 5 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 375 Kronars300 Lirums <br />270.6 Dokoras <br />0.375 LTBpoints <br />0.375 Tickets <br />0.375 Scrips <br />
  • This item is styled or has special functions for Bards.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Sold by The True Bard D'Or for 500 Kronars
Source is True Bard D'Or


"Hamael's Song", by Joy Chanticleer.

"'Oh Darien, my Darien, why did you go that day?
The wind was gusting, waves were white, the sky a steely gray.
The storm that broke that evening was the worst any recalls.
Your ship was lost that day, my love, a victim of the squalls.
Now here I sit, waiting for news, a-weeping grievously.
And as I wait, I mutter low, invectives 'gainst the sea.'"
"As Hamael did weep and wail, a voice did gently chide.
As she looked up, a maid, she saw, a dolphin by her side.
'Your love still lives,' Eluned said, 'though deep beneath the sea.
A mermaid's hand stole him from you, yet you can set him free.
If you would gain his freedom, then three things will you need:
A ship to sail, a net of hair, and a heart which holds no greed.'"
"'When next Xibar is waxing full, then at the peak of tide,
Sail your ship to Lomark's reef, and cast your net o'er side.
Thrice must you cast, and pull your net, a'fishing against death.
Then search your haul to find the box that holds your Darien's breath.
Remember to look with your heart, and keep your love in mind,
For if you look with avarice, the sea, your love shall bind.'"
"Then suddenly a light appeared, shimmering across the sand,
And when it dimmed the maid had gone as if she'd ne'er been.
So hope was born for Hamael as homeward she did run
To shear her hair and weave a net as fine as spiders spun.
And days did pass as Hamael wove, Xibar waxing every eve
Till finally the moon was full, and she stood up to leave."
"Then in a ship of strong green wood she sailed to Lomark's reef,
And thrice she cast her net to steal her love back from a thief.
The first cast brought a golden chest which gleamed in the moonlight.
The second brought ten oysters up with shining pearls inside.
The third cast brought a single shell a snail had cut loose
As each did bide upon the deck, Hamael tried to choose."
"'A golden chest may glitter bright,' said Hamael to herself,
'But none may breathe within such thing, not Human, Dwarf or Elf.
And pearls, while lovely to behold, are solid, through and through.
No place have they for breath to hold, they're worthless to me too.
A seashell, though, held to the ear echoes the wind so soft.'
So Hamael picked the snail's shell up and held it there aloft."
"And then she flung it to the deck to shatter it and free
The breath of her love, held within, to steal him from the sea.
A golden light appeared on deck, too blinding to behold
And when it dimmed her love was there, shivering with cold.
Then close she held him as they sailed, returning to the shore...."

You smile and wink as you sing:

"And though they lived for fifty years, they went to sea no more."