Huyelm's Trueflight Bow and Arrow Shop

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Huyelm's Trueflight Bow and Arrow Shop
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Leth Deriel
Map Ranik's Map 61
Owner Huyelm
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Fletching shops, Weapon shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Huyelm's Trueflight Bow and Arrow Shop, Salesroom]
Huyelm is an expert archer, bowmaker and fletcher, who likes to expound on his craft and goods at great length to anyone who will listen. Constructed inside this huge black willow tree, his shop sells archery equipment of all kinds, made from wood and hide, as well as more exotic material like bone, horn, and ivory. Here bows and arrows can be purchased for sport, hunt or battle. In one corner stands his own formidable weapon, an ash long bow as tall as a Human. You also see Huyelm and a counter.

Page 1 - Ranged Weapons
Item Price Done
sling 100   
staff sling 225   
short bow 350   
common longbow 687   
ash longbow 781   
composite bow 625   
light crossbow 875   
heavy crossbow 1000   
Page 2 - Ammunition
Item Price Done
small rocks 112   
large rocks 137   
arrows 187   
long arrows 250   
barbed arrows 237   
crossbow bolts 137   DG
Page 3 - Quivers and Pouches
Item Price Done
embossed quiver 275   !!
leather quiver 200   !!
hand-tooled quiver 337   !!
buckskin quiver 250   !!
fletching pouch 187   !!
Page 4 - Fletching Supplies
Item Price Done
feather flights 25   !!
wood shaper 187   
flight glue 40   
flight shears 102   !!
Page 5 - Arrowheads
Item Price Done
bodkin arrowhead 40   !!
bishop arrowhead 40   !!
barbed arrowhead 40   !!
warhead arrowhead 40   !!
broad-tip arrowhead 40   !!