House of the Gentle Lion

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One of the clans of the Elothean nation.

An almost exclusively Paladin-based House, the members of this House are led by a now-matriarch, but mostly patriarch leader. Children often have ginger or blonde hair, and startling green or blue eyes. Members are allowed in by proving their moral worth; ancestry is of no concern, one must merely be an Eloth. Expulsion is immediate death, the "...last light seen the glint of an upraised sword as one of our House brings the final darkness."

Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Irii Nla.
Crest: A gold lion lying on lotus blossoms with a white foal between its paws on a blue field.
Official colors: Tawny gold and amethyst.
Current leader: Shoan Senuhir Vehiel.