House of the All-Seeing Eye

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An infamous clan of the Elothean nation, purported not to exist.

It is whispered amongst less-sophisticated courts that the reason Elotheans rarely resort to war is because of a secret society amongst them that takes care of the dirty business of intimidation and assassination. It is even suggested that there is actually a fourth member of the Ferdahl's council of commanders -- that the Three are actually a Four -- and that he or she is called simply the Melyo Rensh'a (Eye of the People). The Elotheans who work for the Melyo Rensh'a, it is said, can be identified by their black hair and pale eyes, and it is said that children born of the Elotheans with black hair inevitably "die" within two years of birth -- by accident or otherwise. Elothean myth says that they do not actually die, but are stolen by the society of the Melyo Rensh'a, to be trained as assassins or torturers.