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The Hack command is used, in conjunction with a suitable ME or LE weapon, to clear the brush in certain areas, that have listed directions of "Blazed trails:"


Each attempt to hack, successful or otherwise, will incur a RT time of between 10 and 20 seconds.

There is a check to see whether or not the correct direction is chosen, and if failed, will make progress in another direction.

Over multiple uses, a direction will go from "(impassable)" to "(barely passable)" and finally to "(passible)." However, a passable path in one direction may be a barely passible path from the other side.

Barely passible trails will incur a 1-3 second RT while passing through them, while passible trails have none.

Impassible Direction

If the direction is not possible to travel, the underbrush "proves stubbornly resistant and you make no progress." There is a bug in that if a direction that cannot be traveled is chosen due to failure to find the correct direction, it will waste the effort and give you a message as if you are making progress.

Duration of Trails

Trails in viable directions will eventually fade, but will do so more slowly as long as there is a PC in the room.
Trails in non-viable directions will never make it past impassible and will fade regardless of the occupancy of a room.


HACK <cardinal direction>