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You believe that you can chew on the gum by EATing it, EXHALE when chewing on it to blow a bubble, stick it behind your ear by WEARing it or SPIT it out. You further feel that TOSSing it away will get rid of it forever.
You believe there may be more ways you can manipulate it, but after all it is just some gum, so it might be best to discover the rest on your own.
  • EAT: You toss some gum into your mouth and begin to chew, releasing the <flavor> flavor.
  • EAT: You chew your gum, filling your mouth with the flavor of <flavor>.
You push the gum to the front of your mouth, stretch it between your lips, and exhale as hard as you can.
You manage to blow a <size> bubble!
Inhaling a great swallow of air, you pull the <size> bubble into your mouth!
You chew your gum, savoring the <flavor> flavor.
  • PULL (when stuck to your face}: You work carefully to remove the sticky gum from your face.
  • SPIT: You spit some gum into your right hand.
  • WEAR: You press some gum against the skin behind your ear and it holds tight.
  • REMOVE: You pull some gum out from behind your ear.
  • TOSS: You toss your gum away.
  • DROP: You drop some gum. (Becomes dirt-coated gum.)


Variations of gum can be found on the Gum page.