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Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Riverhaven Forging Society (Ranik Map 30)

Fereldrin is Master of the Riverhaven Forging Society, where he gives workorders, teaches techniques, and grants careers and hobbies in Blacksmithing, Weaponsmithing, and Armorsmithing.


Heavily muscled for an Elf, Fereldrin stares at you with cold eyes and a mind deep in analytical thought. He wears a billowy blue shirt covered by a thick forging apron decorated with niello tassels. Equally voluminous leggings squeeze into tight-fitting leather boots, giving a top-heavy look to this master of the smith's hammer. A glistening glaes forging hammer hangs at his side next to some exquisite damite tongs.

Conversation Topics

  • FORGING: Fereldrin grows still and explains, "Anyone can shape metal. A forger, they imbue it with the essence of their very being. Every town, village or castle has at least one forger because we are the backbone of society itself. Now, ask me about blacksmithing, armorsmithing or weaponsmithing so I can properly instruct you."
  • BLACKSMITHING: Fereldrin crosses his arms and places a hand to his chin before continuing, "The blacksmith. Yes, blacksmiths are perhaps the most utility of the forging types. Weapons and armor be damned if you lack a good hammer to forge with!"
Fereldrin clenches his jaw and says, "Well, I guess you ARE ready to learn another blacksmithing technique."
Fereldrin squints, looks you over and then says, "Well then, I can teach you the blacksmithing techniques of <techniques>. Ask me about learning one by name, and we can get started."
  • ARMORSMITHING: Fereldrin shakes his head and says, "Unfortunately we are not prepared to instruct crafters in the way of that Discipline yet. Please check back at a later time."
  • WEAPONSMITHING: Fereldrin shakes his head and says, "Unfortunately we are not prepared to instruct crafters in the way of that Discipline yet. Please check back at a later time."
  • FERELDRIN: Fereldrin removes his glaes forging hammer, and leans upon it for a moment. Fixing you with a cold stare, he says, "Well if you hadn't noticed, my name is Fereldrin and I am in charge of this Forging Crafting Society. It appears that everyone grew sick and tired of traveling to The Crossings to forge, so the city finally gave in and built this place. I am a man of considerable talent, so it only made sense that I be placed in charge."
Fereldrin smooths his apron and continues, "As for instructions, you can ask me about career or hobbies if you would like to join this society as your profession. You may also ask me about blacksmithing, weaponsmithing or armorsmithing for a list of techniques I can teach you."
Fereldrin squints and then says, "Oh, and if you need to forget a technique then ask me about forgetting a technique and for a fee I can help you.