Eyes Have It

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Eyes Have It
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

The Eyes Have It

[The Eyes Have It, Salesfloor]
Stepping into the shop, there is an inviting ambiance with soft, pastel hues adorning the walls and plush, cream-colored carpet underfoot. Oil lanterns overhead create a warm and comforting glow, illuminating the tastefully arranged shelves and racks. A few sales clerks mingle with the shoppers, answering questions and straightening merchandise. You also see a large sign and a solid door.
Obvious exits: none.

    These items are not
   particularly functional
    but ARE a lot of fun!

You can PUT them on simple
items so that the items have
  funny eyes that wiggle
after being attached.

 You can then SHAKE to make
the eyes go round and round!

 To remove, PULL the item.
 Each use (on or off) takes
 some of the adhesive off.

 The items in our shop will
  allow for 10 uses before
  they will no longer work.

On the chestnut shelf
Item Price Done
crimson glittery eyes with wide golden pupils 312,500   
inky glittery eyes with circular silver pupils 312,500   
sepia glittery eyes with slitted brass pupils 312,500   
tawny glittery eyes with oval cobalt pupils 312,500   
seafoam glittery eyes with slitted purple pupils 312,500   
alabaster glittery eyes with round brown pupils 312,500   
pair of peach glittery eyes with oval black pupils 312,500   
pair of pink glittery eyes with circular fuchsia pupils 312,500   
pair of ivory glittery eyes with narrow scarlet slitted pupils 312,500   
pair of blue glittery eyes with wide golden slitted pupils 312,500   
pair of black glittery eyes with wide scarlet oval pupils 312,500   
On the walnut rack
Item Price Done
pair of black wobbly eyes with oval white pupils 312,500   
pair of cream wobbly eyes with rainbow glitter-covered pupils 312,500   
pair of white wobbly eyes with raven-hued slit pupils 312,500   
onyx-hued googly eyes with oval silver pupils 312,500   
ebony-hued googly eyes with slitted white pupils 312,500   
black googly eyes with glittery red pupils 312,500   
ivory googly eyes with bright pink pupils 312,500   
amber googly eyes with oval red pupils 312,500   
cream googly eyes with slitted green pupils 312,500   
white googly eyes with dark brown pupils 312,500