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Expertise is the Barbarian-only skill. This skill represents the ultimate combat mastery that barbs have.

Spells and abilities that boost Expertise


Spells and abilities that decrease Expertise



Expertise is learned from either using Advanced Combat Maneuvers (ACM), which will train Expertise no matter the level of the critter you are hunting, or Barbarian Combat Maneuvers (BCM), known as self analyzes, which will only train Expertise if the critter will train the weapon you are using.
ACM attacks are now instantaneous and no longer have a charge up time.

Barbarian Combat Maneuvers

Barbarians now have a unique form of Tactical Combat that uses Expertise instead of the Tactics skill. These BCMs are self-only, cannot be refreshed and give a selective bonus when finished. Each form of ANALYZE unlocks with more Expertise skill.

ANALYZE <type>
Barbarians can analyze the specific type (listed below) to begin a self combo. If you forget the combination required, you can ANALYZE <Your Name> to see what attacks are still required to complete the combo. These combinations work very similar to Tactics-based analyze combat maneuvers, except they use Expertise skill and do not require hitting your target to complete the combo. BCMs do not have a strength, and subsequent ANALYZE attempts will be wasted. It is possible to ANALYZE FLAME, ACCURACY, DAMAGE, INTIMIDATION, FATIGUE, BALANCE, VITALITY, RAGE or CALM.

End Messaging if you do not complete the combo in time: "The battle shifts away from you, ruining any tactical openings you were attempting to exploit."

Type Expertise End message Duration Effect
Flame 0 n/a Instantaneous Regenerates a small amount of Inner Fire.
Accuracy 50 You sense your combat accuracy decrease as the battle shifts before you. ~ 6 to 7 minutes Increases your combat accuracy to hit with weapons.
Damage 125 You sense your ability to land deadly blows decrease as the battle shifts before you. ~ 6 to 7 minutes Increases your combat damage.
Intimidation 200 n/a ~15 seconds Prevents opponent from retreating for a short period of time and generates roundtime for them.
Fatigue 350 The moment of respite brought by your attack combination is lost as the battle shifts. 1.5 minutes Reduces the amount of fatigue from attacking (will be expanded to include other sources of fatigue in time)
Balance 600 Your enhanced balance escapes as the battle shifts before you. 2 minutes Reduces balance lost from combat.
Vitality 900 The invigoration brought by your attack combination diminishes. ~ 3 to 4 minutes Recovers some lost vitality in combat.
Rage 1200 The rage enhancing your movements diminishes. 1.5 minutes Allows the next Berserk to be started at reduced initial IF cost.
Calm 1600 The calm strengthening your resolve slips away. 6.75 minutes Allows the next meditation to be started at no IF cost. (confirmed 1/6/2020)

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