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|NumRooms =3
|NumRooms =3
|Store Type =Armor,Clothing,Container,Jewelry,Shield
|Store Type =Armor,Clothing,Container,Jewelry,Shield
|Fest =Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410
|Fest =Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414
|Coin =Dokoras
|Coin =Dokoras

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Acaph's Acquisitions
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406, Hollow Eve Festival 410, Hollow Eve Festival 414
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Acaph's Acquisitions, Foyer]
This simple metal room is bare of any decorations save a large sign that dominates the center of the room and forces customers to squeeze around to continue into the shop. Due to the narrow walking space and those customers stopping to read the sign, there is much congestion and a waiting line to get inside.
You also see a metal arch and a golden sign with crisp black lettering.
Obvious exits: north, northeast.

A golden sign with crisp black lettering reads:<br>

"Welcome to Acaph's Acquisitions!
I have gone to great lengths to contact retired merchants and purchase their wares.  But do not worry, I would 
not present you with such simple wares!  Instead, I have had my craftsmen improve upon the old designs to bring 
you items of the highest quality!  Buy for yourself, buy for friends, but most of all, just BUY!""

                    ~ Acaph

[Acaph's Acquisitions, Hall of Valor]
The walls of this narrow hallway have been painted to resemble stones and large faded tapestries hang on each side. Five armor racks shaped like humanoids display the wares available for purchase, with each rack displaying a message upon its base.
You also see a large sign with elaborate lettering.
Obvious exits: east, south.

A large sign with elaborate lettering reads:

"The armor in this hall was inspired by the 5 knights of valor in the joust of 392.  Made of the highest quality, 
it is very similar to the armor worn on that glorious day!  Please do not hurt your fellow buyers in a rush to 
purchase it, even though protection and beauty like this is worth doing so!  As I, Acaph, am fond of saying, "This 
is the kind of armor that would have turned Lord Sorrow into Lord Happy!"  Well, what are you waiting for?  Go buy 
it now!"

~ Acaph
On the gold rack
Item Price Done
golden jousting plate with a rising sun emblazoned across the chest 2,074,600   
golden great helm with large copper spikes running down the center 270,600   
golden gauntlets with copper spikes 270,600   
gold tower shield emblazoned with a rising sun 1,443,200   !!
On the black rack
Item Price Done
night-black jousting plate streaked with bolts of lightning 1,443,200   !!
blackened great helm 180,400   !!
black gauntlets trimmed in platinum 225,500   !!
ebony tower shield emblazoned with a platinum lightning bolt striking a stout oak tree 1,127,500   !!
On the bronze rack
Item Price Done
bronze jousting plate engraved with autumn leaves 902,000   !!
bronze great helm with a 13-point stag's antlers attached 180,400   !!
bronze gauntlets edged with green verdigris 90,200   !!
bronze tower shield emblazoned with an imposing stag 811,800   !!
On the red rack
Item Price Done
blood-red jousting plate decorated with gilded thorns 1,172,600   !!
blood-red great helm bearing a circlet of gold thorns 225,500   !!
dark red gauntlets with golden rivets 225,500   
dark red tower shield emblazoned with a ring of golden thorns 992,200   
On the blue rack
Item Price Done
sky blue jousting plate embellished with diamond dust 1,262,800   
sky blue great helm embellished with diamond dust in the shape of snowflakes 315,700   
pale blue gauntlets with white cuffs 270,600   
blue tower shield emblazoned with a snow-capped mountain 992,200   !!

[Acaph's Acquisitions, Wilderness Glade]
The surrounding walls have been painted with an encompassing mural of a forested glade. Birds, squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife can be seen watching you from the various foilage.
You also see a wooden peg with a couple of things on it, a walnut stand with a couple of things on it, a steel rack with a few things on it and a mahogany rack with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

On the wooden peg
Item Price Done
supple leather baldric with bronze fittings 11,500   
leather-wrapped mistwood sheath 225,500   
On the walnut stand
Item Price Done
engraved ramshorn archer's ring 3,957   
archer's brace pad reinforced with bleached bone 11,094   
On the steel rack
Item Price Done
variegated chain balaclava 108,240   !!
variegated chain hauberk 315,700   
variegated chain gloves 90,200   !!
On the mahogany rack
Item Price Done
black leather mask lined with snow opals 135,300   !!
black leather hunters seamed with double rows of snow opals 315,700   !!
black leather gloves 72,160   !!