Zuhaichaga Inn

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Zuhaichaga Inn
Province Zoluren
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
# of Rooms 6
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops, Game
This store only accepts Kronars

[Zuhaichaga Inn, Taproom]
Far livelier than the inn's foyer, the taproom bustles with traders and sailors perched atop wooden stools, haggling over business deals as they drink. Sawdust covers the wooden floor, absorbing drinks spilled by barmaid or patron, and the long mahogany bar features carvings of voluptuous mermaids highlighted by gold and silver leaf. The smell of tobacco dulls the aroma of food that wafts out each time the kitchen's door opens. You also see a small sign, a slate menu, and a cork-covered stand with a two-colored dartboard on it.

[Zuhaichaga Inn, Private Parlor]
Comfortable armchairs frame the fireplace in the private parlor, offering a peaceful spot for traveling couples or families to relax without having to endure the noise of the taproom. Indeed, the overstuffed seats and the warmth of the fire have lulled many a weary traveler into a brief nap, only to be awakened by the sharp crack of a log breaking within the flames. A slate menu stands atop the linen-draped table for those wishing to break their fast with the kitchen's offerings. You also see a wooden door, a rounded rattan basket.

[Zuhaichaga Inn, Sparring Swordfish Table]
High-backed settles surrounding the table muffle some of the noise from the taproom, providing a quieter place to nurse a drink or discuss business. A slate menu lists the day's specials, which vary with the arrival of ships along the river. A pair of swordfish, inlaid in silver-grey mistwood against the teak table top, cross their noses in a mock spar, though from the crudeness of the carving, the roughly incised inscription beneath the image is probably not part of the original design. You also see a rounded rattan basket.

[Zuhaichaga Inn, Shrieking Eel Table]
Rough pockmarks on the table's surface and in the backs of the chairs offer mute testimony to the table's closeness to the taproom's dartboard, as well as to the degree of inebriation of past players. From time to time, squabbles break out over the game, but on the whole, the atmosphere is one of congenial comradery. A slate menu lists the day's specials. You also see a rounded rattan basket.

The dartboard in this room is a game.

[Zuhaichaga Inn, Tumbling Starfish Table]
By far the quietest corner of the busy taproom, the table and its surrounding chairs are half-hidden from view by the curve of the bar. Golden-brown starfish hang from the rafters to spin in the breeze and a slate menu leans against the wall. You also see a rounded rattan basket.

Item Price Done
1 - Apple Scruppy 23   
2 - Maple Icemead 20   !!
3 - Honey-Wheat Frostbeck 15   !!
4 - Hibble's Dark Stout 15   !!
5 - Bitter Chocolate 20   
6 - Brandied Cocoa 25   
7 - Ouisque and Tea 25   !!
8 - Iced Green Tea 8   !!
9 - Mint Lemonade 7   !!
10 - Cold Water 5   
Item Price Done
11 - Ginseng-Glazed Duck 30   
12 - Salt-Baked Crayfish 25   !!
13 - Pan-Fried Noodles and Shrimp 22   !!
14 - Ginger-Perfumed Rice 10   
15 - Tomato-Prawn Chowder 15   !!
16 - Garlic-Mussel Stew 18   
17 - Piquant Pepper Fish 28   !!
18 - Feta-Spinach Rolls 8   
19 - Goat Meat Pasties 12