Zerek's General Store

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Zerek's General Store
Province Ilithi
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
Owner Zerek
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, General shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Zerek's General Store]
Freshly varnished wooden walls and impeccably swept floors attest to a measure of careful observance to the custom of tidiness by Zerek and his staff. Shelves on the walls hold various sundries necessary for the survival of travellers and city-dwellers alike, and the open windows supply plenty of light to see by. You also see a low flat bench, a plain pine pedestal with a catalog on it, and the shop owner Zerek.

Page 1 - Luggage and Carry-alls
Item Price Done
knapsack 99   
backpack 270   
hip pouch 40   
shoulder sack 54   
scabbard 225   
quiver 225   
backtube 766   
weapon strap 911   
Page 2 -Melee Weapons
Item Price Done
carving knife 72   
short sword 248   
scimitar 378   
broadsword 414   
two-handed sword 577   
mace 270   
Page 3 -Ranged and Thrown Weapons
Item Price Done
short bow 180   
longbow 252   
light crossbow 405   
heavy crossbow 676   
javelin 270   !!
throwing dagger 180   !!
Page 4 -Ammunition
Item Price Done
arrows 58   
crossbow bolts 76   
Page 5 -Armor and Shield
Item Price Done
reinforced leather shield 81   !!
reinforced gloves 72   
full leather armor 369   !!!!
full leather helm 72   
full chain armor 1,443   !!
full chain helm 117   
full plate armor 4,600   
great helm 460   
Page 6 -Traveler's Necessities
Item Price Done
charcoal 36   
flint 36   
torch 99   
hairbrush 104   !!
steel-bladed brass razor 496   
enameled bronze clippers 631   
gelfurjaal unguent 293   !!