Zawreli Zvaigne Dzirta

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Translation: North Star Pack
Pack Colors: White, Yellow, Royal blue
Pack Motto: Bonds beyond blood, we are one

Mission Statement

We advocate on behalf of citizenry of Siksraja, Our pack and the Rakash people as a whole. We educate those of the province of Therengia and the realm of our customs and traditions. We cultivate new growth and expansion of the Rakash as we navigate our continued existence in His Grace's lands. We protect both our culture as well as the lands upon which we have been granted to settled and Therengia as a whole all in alignment with the values and goals of House Theren.


As we grow we will accept members into our pack of other races as long as they pledge to uphold the values and ideals set forth by our mission. We will be working together not just as friends, but as pack to the betterment of Therengia and it's people. For in pack there is no lone wolf. Our greatest strength - our brothers and sisters. Bonds beyond blood, we are one. We are proud to call any Therengian who upholds the Baron's law and works within good faith, our packmate, our brother, our sister, our family.


  • Remyngton Mason-Wells - Vadonis (Leader)
  • Warbrolus Noq'Myth - Divais Vadonis (2nd Leader)

Friends of the Pack

Court Advisor Aaiyaah Kenman
Lady Ruea Drister - Court Bard



July 2022 TBD - A Rakash Rumble In Riverhaven! - A History of Rakash weaponry followed by spars using the same weaponry being discussed

Aug 2022 TBD - Siksraja Fireside - An event featuring the importance of traditional rakash storytelling

Sept 2022 TBD - Pack Hunt - Join the warriors of the ZZD as they lead an egg hunt and experience the fun of hunting with the pack!

Oct 2022 TBD - A Masked Moot! A masked gala hosted in the Theren Keep celebrating the duality of the rakash physical form with a retelling of how the Rakash came to switch in and out of moonskin.


Just Six - A Rakash Tragedy
Headline: The Theren Court welcomes you to join us for a production of "Just Six," a play written by Remyngton Wells with Ruea Drister. This first-time staging will share with the audience the beauty and significance of faith for the Rakash people.
Performed on 6/3/2022