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Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Type: alterer, merchant

You see Master Artisan Yureina, an Elothean.
Yureina has an oval face and almond-shaped silver eyes. Her black hair is long and fine. She has fair skin and a thin figure.
She is average height for an Elothean.
She appears to be an adult.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a small brocade satchel embroidered with a subtle floral pattern, some azure sandals with delicate green laces and a flowing ivory silk kimono stitched lightly with silver lotus blossoms.

  • Appeared in Fang Cove on 8/12/15.
  • An example of her work she showed:
On a folding stand with a delicately curved scimitar with copper ivy tendrils flowing from the hilt on it.
(Scimitar look): Soft brown leather, the color of newly tilled soil, is wrapped around the hilt of the scimitar. Copper, with highlights of light green patina, is inlaid into the blade as if growing from the hilt.

RP Event Log, relevant parts only

While having a look around Fang Cove to decide if any area could inspire her enough to perhaps open a shop she set down the stand and scimitar on it and then several grey-bristled gremlins appeared and one stole the scimitar.

The gremlin who took the scimitar was as follows: With a screeching cry of "Zachriedek," a gremlin darts into the area. Without hesitation, the creature swipes the sword off the stand and then scampers off!

The other gremlins attacked us. Battle ensued, some tactical retreating, some gremlin deaths. The one who stole the scimitar appeared and then ran off again, we gave chase, he was no place to be found. Eventually the scimitar was found laying on the table just outside of the building (where estate meetings were held inside of) and Yureina wouldn't take it back.

Yureina says, "No, no, I do not wish to be involved with that weapon again."

A low voice intones, "Consider this a warning."

Yureina says, "I believe I am not welcome here."

Yureina says, "I do not know why. All I ever wanted to do is make art."

Yureina sighs.

Yureina says, "This is horrible."

Yureina shakes her head.

Yureina says, "I cannot open shop here until such time that I feel safe. Someone, or something, does not want me to be here."

A slight snarl is heard from the shadows, and then silence.

Yureina says, "I can't stay here, I will need to know that I will be safe should I open a shop here."

Yureina says, "And right now I do not."

Yureina says, "My aura, it is suffering."

Yureina says, "I must go. I thank you for your time, and I am sorry that it was not as fruitful as I had initially hoped."

Yureina says, "I hope to see you again once my aura has healed from this trauma."

Yureina says, "I cannot take any such art right now. I need to meditate."

Yureina says, "I just need time to heal."

Yureina mumbles to herself, "Time, yes, that is all."

Yureina says, "Thank you. I will take my leave now and hope nothing like this happens again."

Yureina bows.

(Creepy shadow voice didn't respond any further.)