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Possibly inadvertently created by Nieal. Right after midnight, during the first moments of the new year 400, lights began to appear in the sky forming various images. Eventually forming dragons, the appeared to head to the ground before suddenly disappearing, only to be replaced by an image of what many believe to be Lanival leaving a cave. Could be viewed alongside other celestial bodies as 'a spectacular show'.

Initial view of the creation of the the Show

Tiny motes of light flicker into being, drifting about on unfelt currents of wind.

>Acting as if they were suspended from an invisible thread, the tiny lights begin to slowly revolve.

>The glimmering lights bob and weave in playful trajectories for several moments before finally settling into a new configuration, oddly familiar.

>The specs of light flicker and flare, growing in size and intensity until they begin to resemble the stars of the night sky.

a group of illusory stars floating in the air
>look stars
The stars flicker and glow brightly, creating an astonishing replica of the night sky. Sparks jump excitedly from the larger points of light, making the entire image seem highly volatile.

Lines slowly materialize between several of the shimmering stars, drawing the shapes of the constellations.

>The lines between the glittering, illusionary stars suddenly fade away, while the stars themselves simultaneously flare brightly.

Growing both in size and intensity, each tiny dot of luminescence doubles and then triples in strength. Sparks fly from the larger points, cascading downward in spiraling waves.

>All at once, the sparking stars explode into showers of multi-chromatic embers, like a calamitous miniature show of fireworks! For several moments the streamers of color and light rocket in all directions, until finally they fade away, leaving nothing but a memory of their existence.

Viewed Globally

>obser skyYou glance up at the sky.
The night winter sky is a crisp, clear, starry black.

The following heavenly bodies are visible:
The spectacular show is unobscured by clouds.

The night sky flickers and wavers for a moment, distorted as if being viewed through a pane of uneven glass.

Slowly, dark shapes begin to take form in the sky. Small, round star-like objects manifest, only pitch black, darker than even the sky itself.

More and more of the deep, dark shapes appear in the sky, until they number more than all of the stars and celestial bodies combined.

After hovering silently above for nearly a full roisan, doing nothing but asserting their ominous presence, one of the silhouettes explodes in a brilliant shower of golden sparks!

Two more of the shapes combust in dazzling conflagrations of purple and green, and as their cinders rain down they emit a wailing noise, like that of a howling banshee!

More and more outbursts of color lance across the sky. Blue, yellow, red and silver lights rocket through the heavens.

A particularly large burst of magenta covers the sky from horizon to horizon, blanketing Elanthia in a rosy glow for several moments. Just as the light has nearly faded, three additional eruptions of amber sparks plume outward from the previous blast's core.

Bright, shining whorls of white lance away from the middle of another detonation, their tips turning to deep green arrow-points as they soar away.

The eastern horizon is lit by a hemisphere of sparkling gold as another burst attempts to emulate the rising sun, flickering and fading quickly.

Three great rings of scarlet, emerald and violet flash into being, expanding rapidly through the heavens and then dying out like all the rest. Smaller bursts of white light follow in their wake, leaving behind trails of falling sparks that crackle and pop as they descend.

With little notice, the heavens seem to explode all at once as plume after plume of radiant light erupts, transforming the sky into an impressive, if dizzying, inferno of luminescence.

Wave after wave of brilliant color spreads through the firmament. Fields of brilliant orange are met with concentric rings of rainbow-hues. Bright silver showers of sparkling spirals fall through haloes of green and purple.

Reaching a crescendo of magnificent upheaval, the entire sky is illuminated by a simultaneous explosion of no fewer than two dozen flares, for a single moment replicating the light of day. Every color in the spectrum is represented in the colossal climax, and your surroundings become considerably brighter, and then immensely darker in the aftermath.

Several long moments of stillness follow the great commotion, and it appears that the ordeal has passed. However, three black orbs hang in the sky above. Silent.

One at a time, the remaining points of darkness explode outward, creating first a great blue flare, then brilliant red, and finally pinpoints of glittering white that resemble light reflecting off of a dark surface. The shimmering sparks linger, not fading like those that came before them. The loitering lights above begin to dance and sway, their shapes twisting into different forms. First coalescing into serpentine shapes, the figures sprout two limbs, and then two more. Finally, great wings unfurl, revealing the image of three glittering dragons in the heavens.

obser showYou scan the skies for a few moments.
The spectacular show is unobscured by clouds.
In some fantastic display of celestial chicanery, three glittering dragons twinkle in the heavens above.
You see nothing else of note.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Swooping and soaring, the shimmering dragons above pass one another, occupying the majority of the sky above with their aerobatic dance.

It becomes apparent that something about the twinkling dragons is changing. Before long, the realization dawns on you that the lights have coalesced into an alarmingly physical form. Turning about in their balletic maneuvers, the creatures begin to descend, with one of them heading directly toward you!

>obser showYou scan the skies for a few moments.
The spectacular show is unobscured by clouds.
Three colossal dragons soar through the heavens overhead, swooping downward toward Elanthia at tremendous speeds, approaching your very location.
You see nothing else of note.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Just as the dragon is about to descend upon you, it evaporates, followed swiftly by the other two. Gone, without a trace.

>obser showYou scan the skies for a few moments.
The spectacular show is unobscured by clouds.
Dark and devoid of activity, the show appears to be over.
You see nothing else of note.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

Once more the sky overhead warps and distorts. The image of a cave mouth appears slowly, as if materializing from a dream or vision. Within the cave is dark, no light piercing its depths.

>obser showYou scan the skies for a few moments.
The spectacular show is unobscured by clouds.
A faint image of a cave mouth hovers in the sky, growing in clarity and intensity by the moment. It is impossible to see into the cave, its darkness consuming and perpetual.
You see nothing else of note.

Slowly emerging from the vision of the cave, a figure appears. Human in shape, with tattered clothes and a thin stature, looking almost starved. His face comes into the light, his dark hair framing bright eyes that blink dazedly, like one who has not seen the sun in years.

>obser showYou scan the skies for a few moments.
The spectacular show is unobscured by clouds.
The figure of a man stands at the mouth of a dark cave, blinking at the sunlight in his bright eyes. His dark, stringy hair and pale skin seem to well-match his emaciated look, giving him the appearance of a man who has slumbered for years, perhaps generations. Though his features appear unmistakably Human, something in his manner speaks of Elven descent.
You see nothing else of note.
Roundtime: 5 sec.

The image in the sky fades away.

Waves of utter, wretched fear wash over you, muted as though coming from a distance through a link to your spirit.

- Shortly after the Show ended, each province was invaded.