Wyvern Trials gifts and prizes

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This is an archive of gifts and prizes given out at the Wyvern Trials. The primary purpose of this page is to facilitate automatic sourcing of individual item pages.

OOC Date IC Date Type Item
12/1/2014 10 Moliko 414 gift brushed steel armband
7/6/2015 27 Dolefaren 416 gift brass wyvern pin
2/8/2017 10 Moliko 422 gift leather sling etched with the image of a wyvern and scorpion locked in combat
3/6/2017 34 Dolefaren 422 gift polished oak conquest wheel
3/27/2017 37 Akroeg 423 gift battle-scarred bronze wyvern
4/17/2017 1 Shorka 423 gift purpleheart blowgun engraved with twisting vines
4/24/2017 29 Shorka 423 gift blowgun darts
5/1/2017 17 Uthmor 423 gift soft black gem pouch embroidered with a chubby wyvern
5/22/2017 21 Moliko 423 gift pair of dark steel footwraps designed to appear like a wyvern's clawed feet