Writer's Blocks

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Writer's Blocks
Festival Romancing the Seas
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Writer's Blocks]
Oil lanterns swing gently overhead, reflecting their light on the desks lining the walls. A studious clerk sits in the corner at one desk, engrossed in a thick book. You also see a bookshelf with some stuff on it and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

Item Price Done
roll-top banker's desk 150,000   No
simple writing desk 10,000   No
white floral-print desk 50,000   No
natural oak desk 60,000   No
silver-inlaid ironwood desk 150,000   No
claw-footed mahogany desk 120,000   No
polished red oak writing desk 100,000   No
dark ebonwood desk 130,000   No
slant-top artist's desk 80,000   No
curved rosewood desk 70,000   No
elegant marquetry nightstand 100,000   No
rickety burlwood desk 8,000   No
round maple nightstand 50,000   No
On the bookshelf
Item Price Done
road-worn traveler's journal 1,250   No
velvet-bound dream journal 1,250   No
leather-bound journal 1,250   
A note reads:
"These journals are for decorative use only."