Warrior Mage Guildhall (Hibarnhvidar)

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Found on the Cavern Island in the upper section of Hibarnhvidar. The Guildleader here is Jorent. Within the guildhall buildings are a forge (as of 2015, not yet updated to the newer Crafting systems) and refreshments.

[Warrior Mage Guild, Feast Table]
Upon the table sits a large feast, the aroma pleasant and inviting. Several warriors sit at various places on long benches to either side of the table, their boisterous voices carrying throughout the hall as they chat animatedly with each other. Occasionally an apprentice silently scurries up to the table and cleans up a spilled goblet or picks up a used plate.
Obvious exits: north, south.

On the polished oak table
Item Price Done
a keg of Stone Clan beer 0   !!
a cask of Laricott ale 0   
a cask of Dwarven ale 0   !!
a pot roast garnished with bits of garlic 0   !!
a roasted ham 0   !!
a bowl of fruit punch 0   !!
a broiled lamb basted in a garlic sauce 0   !!
a large roast turkey 0   !!