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Voranos Blackfire
Status Active
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You see Indomitable Fortress Voranos Blackfire, Spectral Dragon of Ilithi, a Gnome.
Voranos has a square-jawed face with a pair of expressive eyebrows, one seeming to be stuck in a perpetual dramatic arch while the other is frozen in a scrunch, slightly pointed ears and blazing emerald eyes. He is bald, with rippling muscles bulging beneath slightly tanned skin and an extremely powerful, well-defined build.
He is shockingly small for a Gnome.
He has a tattoo of black flames that radiate from his palms that rises along his arms and merges in a tight spiral before the flames coalesce at the collarbones to form a coiled void-black vortex on his chest.

He is wearing a high wizard's hat with embroidered chaotic blackfire ascending a towering tip, a Teiro's Hate ruby kirm mysanda strung upon Urrem'tier bloodvines and iron, a weighted dragon bone robe draped in a tattered stormsilk half cape, some thick dragon bone sleeves set with Imperial sapphire claws, a tenebrous wizard's carryall with elemental symbols set in stitched black fire, a demonscale assassin's pack clasped by a coiled dragon, a dragon's heart ring and an itty-bitty pair of combat boots with icesteel grommets.

Of Note

  • Domain is Ilithi.
  • Current member of The Grey Dragons, a Warden within their ranks.
  • Tournament Director of the Wyvern Trials.
  • Dragon familiar is Embrius


  • 336 - Born in Albaria
  • 355 - Curiously, sightings began of Voranos wondering the Shard area about this time and he aligned with the Warrior Mage guild.


Embrius Portrait You notice a majestic dragon with fiery crimson eyes and void-black scales.

The sight of this great beast is staggering, as tremors of raw arcane power radiate from each of its void-black scales. Wings stretch majestically outwards on both sides of the body, while wickedly sharp spikes run down the back and culminate in a tail equipped with a brutally barbed spade. Vicious red talons dig heavily into the ground with each step, as if the elements themselves were tied to the creature. A mysterious rage burns deeply within its fiery crimson gaze.

Voranos is desperately trying to kick Embrius's addiction to gnome treats and is seeking information on the sick individual who created them.