Voi's Fine Heirlooms (1)

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Voi's Fine Heirlooms
Event Feast of Eluned 1
Owner Voi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Voi's Fine Heirlooms]
Four fluted alabaster pillars flank the doorway of this elegant store. From somewhere in the ceiling, a smooth sheet of water flows down the black marble rear wall, the better to reflect the customers in their finery. You also see an Important Sign, a velvet-draped table with some stuff on it, a velvet-lined case with some stuff on it, a jewelry tray with some stuff on it, a narrow sideboard with some stuff on it, a red velvet couch and a glass counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

An Important Sign reads:
Our speedy but not overly bright engraver will engrave a name on the orlog at no extra 
charge. If you want your name on the orlog, just tap it before you leave the store. If 
you want someone else's name on it, give them the orlog and have them tap it in the 
store. This can only be done once because our superior engraving cannot be removed 
without defacing the orlog. No exceptions, no refunds, no returns.
On the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
gold key 6,250   DG
silver key 2,500   
brass key 1,250   
On the velvet-lined case
Item Price Done
brass orlog 125,000   
gold orlog 187,500   
silver orlog 150,000   
On the jewelry tray
Item Price Done
platinum wedding band set with dozens of tiny sapphires 62,500   
opal pin in the shape of a jellyfish with dangling silver tentacles 12,650   
twisted pearl choker accented by a Merelew cameo 130,000   !!
black pearl brooch surrounded by a dozen tiny seed pearls 13,125   
white gold earring set with a blood ruby 11,500   No
On the narrow sideboard
Item Price Done
urn of clarre 0   !!
large vat filled with tiny eels 0   !!
On the glass counter
Item Price Done
black coral-handled carving knife 1,875   !!!!
black short bow carved into the shape of a stylized dolphin 100,375   
slender jeweled dagger 200,000   !!!!