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Vitality Regeneration is an ability that periodically pulses and restores a portion of the wearer's Vitality into their overall Vitality pool. This ability is most commonly found on magical jewelry.

They are typically turned on and off by using the ATMOSPHERE command.


Every 60 seconds, the item will pulse, and during that pulse if the wearer's Vitality pool is less than 100%, the item will restore 1% of their max Vitality.

The atmospheric item must be turned on and worn to be effective. This can be checked by using the ATMOSPHERE LIST command.

The effect stacks with other regeneration items.


Black gold ankle-chain threaded with cosmic zirconsHouse of the Revenant Fang 437/Shadowy Safehouseankleankle-chain
Braided jadeleaf anklet splotched with indeterminate stainsHouse of the Revenant Fang 429/Shadowy Safehouse,House of the Revenant Fang 433/Shadowy Safehouseankleanklet
Braided silver necklace dangling a driftwood sharkCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Lootnecknecklace
Dull serpent earcuffPumpkin Contest 2013,Prison Riot: The Aftermath/End lootearearcuff
Earthy brown anklet woven out of strips of barkclothTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeankleanklet
Flame-kissed gold ankle-chain strung with Taisidon sunset garnet beadsTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeankleankle-chain
Inky black diacan ear-stud dangling a sailor's compassTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeearear-stud
Item:Braided silver necklace dangling a driftwood sharkCurse of the Ghost Shipnecknecklace
Item:Dull serpent earcuffPrison Riot: The Aftermathearearcuff
Polished kiralan teardropHollow Eve Festival 428/Auctiongenericteardrop
Rusty iron manacle with a chain covered in phosphorescent moonsilver barnaclesTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeanklemanacle
Series of spiraled windsteel hoops twisted around a stormheart topazTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeearhoops
Simple wooden medallionAkigwe's Legacy: Secrets of the Tower/End lootneckmedallion
Striking black gold ear-frill decorated with an array of lava topazesTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeearear-frill
Thick agonite earcuff inlaid with xenomite fragmentsTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeearearcuff
Thorny purpleheart seedSu Helmas: Seeds of Entropy/End loot,Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple 434/End lootearseed
Wide quelium ankle cuff inset with ocean's heart diamondsTaisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanadeanklecuff

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