Item:Wide quelium ankle cuff inset with ocean's heart diamonds

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wide quelium ankle cuff inset with ocean's heart diamonds
Look: Silver watersilk lines the interior of the brilliant green metal, ensuring a comfortable fit when worn. The faceted blue gems are arranged to create the shape of a seahorse, its body shimmering with hints of sea-green when struck by light.
Weight: 2 stones
Appraised Cost: 1875000 Kronars
1,500,000 Lirums
1,353,000 Dokoras
1,875 LTBpoints
1,875 Tickets
1,875 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is magical.
  • This is an atmo item that will periodically emit messaging to the entire room.
  • This item is worn in the ankle slot.
Dimensions: 2 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Taisidon Mystery 435/A'baya Esplanade

This is a vitality regen item.

Atmospheric Messaging

  • The tiny seahorse decorating your ankle cuff shakes its head and races around the band of quelium, quickly completing a single lap around the green metal before freezing in its original location. If it weren't for the trio of tiny bubbles splashing against your ankle leaving you somehow feeling refreshed, you might not have noticed its unusual movements.