Visions of Darkness (2.0)

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Visions of Darkness
Abbreviation: VOD
Prerequisites: None
Minimum Prep: 4
Casting Cap: 74
Valid Spell Target: Critters, Others
Description: A simple curse, the Visions of Darkness spell places a psychic malady on the victim that causes their brain to believe their eyes are receiving much less light than they are. It does not affect combat prowess, but makes a target considerably less perceptive.

The Philosophers, for the most part, enjoy a life unburdened by the gaze of the authorities, nestled in hard to find hideouts or simply blending in naturally with the 'good citizens' of Elanthia.

However, there does come times when not even the magic of Obfuscation is able to adequately protect them, and some foolish person desires to chase after them. The Corruption curse of Visions of Darkness is known to inflict a psychic assault on the target that vastly reduces the amount of light intake to their eyes.

While this effect is not quite enough to impair actual combat ability, it becomes particularly hard to spot stealthy actions nearby, and the curse typically lasts long enough for the Necromancer to hide and sneak away back to their scholarly pursuits.

Example Messaging: <Caster> gestures at <target>.

<Caster>'s eyes flare with a whorl of black energy as his gaze turns upon <target>.
You notice <target>'s eyes blacken very briefly.

<Caster> gestures at you.
<Caster>'s eyes flare with a whorl of black energy as her gaze turns upon you.
Your vision dulls over as you feel a psychic onslaught take control of part of your vision! Everything darkens considerably, rendering you much less perceptive.