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Cairyn Vas'Waerd (Paladin, Human): taught a unique fighting style that was unsurpassed in all of Elanthia. They called themselves the Waerd Mir and their style was known as Hentoi rae il Waerd.  Cairyn died helping the Paladins of House Theren in their conflict with Teiro
Maize L'dar Ebonrune (Bard, Elf): Aestiera gave her the title "Waerd rae li Mir" in honor of her husband. She continued to expand their fighting style and transformed it into a two weapon style. She called this style "audru rae telo". Maize taught her five best students. They called themselves the Seord Mir.
Together Cairyn and Maize are the original founders of the order known as the Iron Circle.
Aerathor Vas'Waerd (Moon Mage, Human) Direct decedent of the remaining mixed blood lineage of the Vas'Waerd and Moonbender families. After discovering his lost ancestry he changed his surname from Moonbender to Vas'Waerd and began seeking knowledge of the forgotten order and martial forms his family was responsible for creating. After finding remnants of his fathers style the Hentoi rae il Waerd mixed together with variations of several other lost forms in a crystal hand monastery library he begun training to master them and vowed to bring the lost forms back into the world. Naming his sect of martial arts Waerd Kai which means Dragon's Four in gamgweth he seeks out new pupils who would listen and refers to four pillars upon which his teachings rest. No fear, No pain, No defeat and No mercy for the enemy. 
Avelia Vas'Waerd (Moon Mage, Elf) Wife of Aerathor and newest member of the family. Apprenticed to Aerathor seeking power to avenge her mother and father who were murdered in cold blood. Aerathor quickly became infatuated with the young elf and slowly won her heart as they traveled together researching the history of the Hentoi rae il Waerd. As her mastery of weapons improved Aerathor gave her the title of Waerd Alshabi. Bonded and driven they work to revitalize the tradition of the Vas'Waerd bloodline as guardians of the realms from the threat of the World Dragon's eventual re-awakening.