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Avelia Vas'Waerd
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives [[Aerathor Vas'Waerd]], [[Mitkiahn Vas'Waerd]]


You see Ice Glider Avelia Vas'Waerd, Weapon Master of the Progeny, an Elf.

She has an oval face, pointed ears, a pair of black cat-eye spectacles over tantalizing icy blue eyes, a dainty dawns-eye daisy nose stud piercing one side of a button nose and dimples surrounded by a cloud of penumbral spectrolite bats. Her void black hair is very long and wavy, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by some sleek shadesatin bunny ears dusted with iridescent glitter.
She is a young, captivatingly compact elf with a svelte figure.
A tattoo of an abstracted star map of the winter sky depicted in rich shades of violet adorns her left wrist.

Avelia's Wardrobe:

She is wearing an ethereal high-low dress with a spun glitter sweetheart-corset and tutu skirt,a plush white bunny tail dusted with iridescent glitter and some strappy shadesatin high-heeled sandals accented with petite bunny ears.

She is wearing a sleek Katamba black shadesatin cheongsam embroidered with bat-winged skulls, a plush white bunny tail dusted with iridescent glitter and some Katamba black shadesatin slippers accented with petite bat wings.

Avelia's Pets:

Sibella, a baby fruit bat covered in fluffy violet fur.
Twinkling emerald eyes dominate the bat's long fuzzy face. Her glitter-dusted wings flap excitedly, leaving trails of magenta glitter behind. A delicate band of Elven silver engraved with the name "Sibella" rests on her ankle.

Paine, a fluffy glacial blue kitten.
This mischievous short muzzled kitten has exceptionally long variegated hair that shifts from glacial blue to frosted white and a round face with glittered whiskers. A sparkling kaleidoscopic-hued bunny charm inscribed with the name "Paine" dangles from the kitten's sapphire-studded collar.

Tusk, an itty bitty ruby-red razorback.
Thick ruby-red hair covers the teensy body of the adventurous razorback. His unusually long glittered tail is playfully curled behind his pint-sized pudgy frame. He is wearing a pair of white bunny ears with pink satin lining.



 Growing up Avelia was quite different than other bone elf girls. In fact she was totally ignorant of her heritage. Her father like some of his kind chose to venture out into the world for a sort of rite of passage. However along the way he found himself quite entranced with what he discovered. The smells and sounds of a large city quickly seduced him, drawing him into the world that he was never meant to be a part of. As fate would have it, there was a river elf who coincidentally was similarly drawn away from her own family and people for the allure of a city. It of course can never be known if in fact their stars were crossed and fated for love...but it sure does make for a good story. The pair ran off together leaving their pasts behind to explore the world together. After years of discovery through travel they finally settled down together to raise a family in Throne City. There they raised Avelia together living modestly but happily.

 But fate can be a cruel mistress as well. After Avelia's father made the mistake of sharing his true past with his beloved, an angry mob was set upon them. Though she herself would have never betrayed his confidence, others in the city did not feel the same. Some thug who had been lurking nearby in the shadows overheard the conversation and quickly ran to inform others in the city of her fathers dark past. A brutal mob of malicious and fanatical members of the inquisition seized her father and mother, carrying them way to their deaths. No fair trial was given and no evidence was needed for their paranoia was so great. Avelia being naturally perceptive and good at hiding was able to avoid detection that horrible and torrid day as she blended into the city living in the shadows, taking what she needed when she could. Vengeance however tempting was out of her reach.

-New Beginning-

 Months after the incident while hungry and in search of food or perhaps coins to buy some, Avelia overheard the very man who had turned a mob onto her parents boasting as he counted the heavy golden coins with which he had been rewarded. She carefully memorized his features knowing one day she would return and have her vengeance. With no formal combat training and only days of street smarts to go by, she knew she must find a way to harness her own potential and enact her revenge. Anger fueled her passion as she swore to herself a silent vow. But again, as fate would have it there was another in the city in search of something. As she exited the city on her way to Dock she took a wrong a turn and found herself lost near the ruins of the old colosseum. 

 It was there a drearily colored combination of grays and mottled brown scales slithered into her view chilling her to her very bones. The behemoth before her appeared to be an enormous snake-like creature with neither arms nor legs. Its open wide maw leered before her. Tufts of reddish hair protruding from beneath its maw gave the aged beast an almost regal appearance. Her heart pounded in her chest as the creature lunged forward as if to swallow her whole. But Avelia could not move, frozen with fear her limbs would not respond to her desire to flee. The creature moved with the speed of a striking snake all of its focus on its prey. A blur of crimson seared her vision as an inky black moonblade flashed soundlessly through the air. The creature's warbled moans of despair echoed through the area as it rasped its final breaths. Standing beside her stood a tall man holding a blade of dull black light. The commotion drew others into the area and soon several of the monsters surrounded her and the cloaked figure standing above the mottled corpse.

 Without hesitation the newly arrived creatures lunged forward with a single minded intent to devour them both. Just as quickly the man morphed into a garish blur of movement and color. His long white headband and black robes flowed like waves behind him as he moved fluidly from one creature to the next leaving a scarlet trail in his wake. With a flourish his moonblade vanished into nothingness and the two stood together silently in the dim light of encroaching dusk. Casually the man stooped down over the freshly made corpses and began ripping husks free of the serpent-like creatures as he spoke. 

"You are lucky. This is a bad part of town to be lost in." Now standing he began to break large scales free of the husks and continued on. "Normally this is when one would say thank you." A subtle yet knowing smile parted his lips as he glanced at Avelia. Regaining her wits she finally found herself stammering. "th, thanks..what,...i'm, i'm sorry I wandered this way. My father warned me before.." Thoughts of her father suddenly rekindled her anger and determination. "Where did you learn to fight that way? I've never seen anything quite like that weapon you used.." The wheels in her mind were already turning, if she were to learn from this man, perhaps her vengeance was closer than she thought. "do you think,...do you think you can train me to fight like you?" Her determination and intrigue were obvious to see. The man regarded her a long moment as if staring through her being at something he alone could see in the distance. "When I came into the city I was searching for something, but I was not sure what it was. Hearing your request I'm certain now it was you that I was looking for.