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Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Location: Unknown
Type: pirate
Associates: Saureen
Relatives: Caibre

Privateer Valdivia


Summarized from a report by Ivjames April 8, 2001

Valdivia and her brother Caibre were privateers aboard a ship captained by Saureen, who had a nasty disposition, occasionally terrorized Aesry, and may have had ambitions to rule all of Aesry. Valdivia felt Saureen was not dividing the plunder fairly, so following a successul raid Valdivia fled with the entire bounty. Caibre was devoted to Valdivia and tried to convince Valdivia to return the bounty to Saureen and salvage their reputations and jobs, but when he got to Riverhaven Valdivia said she had spent the enitire fortune! Jimma, a fellow crew member located Valdivia and Caibre in Riverhaven, and demanded a plat a day to keep silent about their location. Jimma then summoned pirate lascars to attack Riverhaven to convince Valdivia that she had better pay him or he would keep harming innocent locals. The Order of the White Rose offer to assist in raising the money to payoff Jimma but Valdivia said "she got herself in this mess and will get herself out of it." Jimma continued to attack and demand money until finally he was captured and forced to leave the mainland on pain of death.

Caibre and Valdivia seem quite different in nature. Caibre is dedicated to Valdivia, concerned about their reputations, and troubled greatly by what has happened. He is trying to find an honorable solution, one that would allow them to return to the life of a privateer. Valdivia has no remorse in creating this situation, nor in dragging her brother in to it.

Report from Sholana, Early March 2001

According to Sholana, Beginning in February and March of 2001 Privateer Valdivia began acting suspiciously by approaching members of the Order of the White Rose and other Official Orders, suspciously asking about where they keep their dues, occassionaly stealing, taking notes on the orders and their members and where their members live, especially if they were on the islands.

Report from Darkskye, April 2, 2001

[Sand Spit Tavern, Barroom] Also in the room: Allurana, Apprentice Molark, Privateer Caibre, Holy Warrior Blasword, and Arcanist Meanne.

We became of aware of Valdivia in the town of Riverhaven yesterday and met at the Sand Spit to decide what to do. While we where there Caibre joined us. We informed him that Vsevolod had left the night before on the tide, which seemed to bother Caibre. When then traveled in quick haste to the Haven ferry. We reached the dock and then found Valdivia at the Pierless Inn. Both Caibre and Valdivia hugged and they talked about the trouble she and Caibre had caused.

Then we heard Jimma's voice over the gweth... promising there would be no place to hide this time and to prepare to meet their fates. Our party moved to the Sailfisher, where it was decided by all to flee into the town or outlying areas with Valdivia and the rest detain Jimma. The pirate lascars appeared along the waterfront and the fight began. When all the lascars were sent to the ol briny deep, Jimma was beset at the Sailfisher by Molark and Caibre and held at swordpoint. As we all arrived there Valdivia returned with Blasword and Jimma begged for his skin. Caibre and Valdivia made him promise(for a small bit of gold) to hold his tongue or his life would be forfit.

Jimma took to the waters as Val and Caibre thanked us for our aid (I would like to extend that to the inhabitants of Riverhaven) and then left for some deserved rest.

Report from "Jim" of the Apostles on April 14, 2001

Caibre showed up near the departure of the Seerah. At this time ship rat's were all over the south of Crossing, escaping from the Seerah for who knows what reason. Like when rats leave a ship when it docks. :P I told Caibre of the warklins, and he said he has visited pohekpi or whatever beach. The storm he said was a bad omen and all these things happening weren't good.

You ask, "The Seerah bring you to Crossing?"
Caibre says, "Aye, heard Vsevolod brung her in, thought t'have a look see."
Caibre says, "Twas what he was up t'when he left that message fer me'n Val."
Caibre says, "Tis Bad luck Briglander..." Jim left to get on the Seerah...
Caibre says, "good luck with ole Bad Luck Briglander."
You say, "And maybe some bad luck will meet us"
You wink.
Caibre says, "That's a good wager m'friend."

Update: Cabre said that Val almost has raised enough money for Jimma and they're just waiting for him to show up. caibre wouldn't follow me onto the Seerah though because of the bad luck, and that he said he couldn't leave mainland until the Jimma situation is resolved.

Jim believes Captain Holle may be the "Bad Luck Briglander" Caibre mentioned because Holle previously captained a ship that sunk and was the sole survivor, and is now captaining the "cursed" Seerah.

Report from Darkskye on April 21, 2001

[Gaethrend's Court, Dining Room]
The quiet atmosphere and simple decor of the dining room soothes your nerves, making this the perfect spot for a relaxing meal with friends. A regal-looking Eloth maitre d'hotel glides from table to table, keeping careful watch over his domain. You also see a charred cigar, an elegant menu, and an elegant table with some stuff on it.
Also in the room: Privateer Valdivia, Fighter Thonge, WoundBearer Kelsay, Vytoria, Apprentice Molark, Celestiaa, Warrior Mage Naul, Lys, Trazire, Zizer, Dalmetrin who is sitting, Warmen, Tylette who is sitting, Healer Amethystle who is sitting, Lilathe who is sitting, and Allurana.
Valdivia says, "I am not used to such crowded places, so forgive me if I get abit wobbly."
Lilathe asks, "can I offer you a drink to steady yourself?"
Valdivia releases a quiet sigh and tries to settle herself.
Valdivia quietly says, "No thank you."
Valdivia says, "Best keep my wits about me."
You ask, "have ya seen yer brother Val?"
Valdivia says, "Caibre has been off trying to help me raise some coin. He should be back in the Crossing soon, I am hoping he gets a wee bit o' rest."
You say, "good glad to hear he safe"
Valdivia says, "I think I have my brother more worried then he lets on."
Grenhart asks, "an how long ye gonna pay the sea scum?"
Valdivia says, "Till I feel you are all safe from the Lascars he brings with him."
Valdivia says, "And perhaps save myself and Caibre in the process."
You say, "ya havent made the best of friends with Saureen"
Valdivia shakes her head at you.
You say, "but what would she think of Jimma making coin"
Valdivia says, "She never cared for me. A girl thing I think."
Celestiaa says, "Valdivia I must Admi that I myself Dont trust this sea dog You buying his silence will only keep you safe for a temporary time"
Valdivia flips a lock of hair from her eyes.
Valdivia says, "I think you are right, Celestiaa, but time is important."
Amethystle asks, "if ye be paying the scum, is that nea just given em more time ta get gear n train his rats?"
Valdivia says, "I hope Jimma's time runs out before mine. I figure he has to report into Saureen sooner or later."
Valdivia says, "I do not know that."
Naul asks, "Valdivia, do you have any idea where his ship lies?"
Valdivia says, "I am not even positive he came here by ship. I assume he did."
Valdivia says, "Saureen is a mage, so he might have gotten here in other ways."
Naul says, "It would be nice to carry the fight to him for a change"
Valdivia says, "You are bolder then I."
Grenhart asks, "how else would he get here?"
Valdivia asks, "Moongate?"
Valdivia shrugs.
Valdivia says, "Just something to consider."
Celestiaa asks, "Valdivia do you know if Jimma is of any importance to Saureen?"
Valdivia says, "Other then a crewmember? I don't think so."
Amethystle says, "Validia is the payments cause ye fear this scum or that he has some hold over thee? Giving em coins ta get better gear and hire more rats is nea a good thing. Even though ye intentions be good."
Valdivia says, "Well, I hope I avoided some of that."
Valdivia says, "But your fears, I understand, Amethystle."
Celestiaa says, "I believe by Valdivia paying Jimma it gave us time to gather to help plan it was not a coin given in Vain"
Vytoria says, "I thought the first time I met your brother he told me you had taken some money and that is why they werent happy"
Valdivia says, "Jimma thinks I gave him some of Saureen's coin. I hope that limits how long he stays and what he does with it."
Valdivia nods to Vytoria.
Valdivia says, "I really don't think Jimma will stay here long. He will want to go back to Saureen."
Grenhart asks, "What makes you think that Val?"
Valdivia says, "Because she is his captain."
Valdivia says, "And his mates are with her."
Valdivia says, "And he don't want to end up like me."
Valdivia says, "He is going to get what he can fast and move on...that is kinda their way."
Valdivia smiles ever so slightly.
You ask, "so just one more payment of ten plat will do it?"
Celestiaa asks, "Valdivia if Jimma leaves wont that put your safety in Jepardy?"
Valdivia says, "What he says."
Valdivia says, "He says he won't tell Saureen he found me or Caibre."
Valdivia says, "And he didn't really name a price, he just said a plat a day, if I remember."
You say, "well for sure he wont tell Saureen he got money from ya"
Valdivia says, "No, I don't trust him."
Valdivia says, "But I don't get to choose my enemy."
Valdivia says, "I beg you, let me try this one last time. If he leaves fine, if he doesn't you all have lost nothing."
Grenhart says, "Only if you let us help you pay."
Valdivia blinks at Grenhart
Celestiaa asks, "Valdivia Has he told you where to met him to transfer the Coin?"
Valdivia says, "He has not, he just showed up last time and told us then."
Valdivia says, "He was days late then too."
Celestiaa sighs.
Valdivia says, "He drink more then Caibre."
Valdivia blushes.
Valdivia says, "he said he wanted atleast a plat coin for each day he gave me."
Thonge says, "makes me feel he arrived by ship, ships are less accurate arrivals than any other means."
Valdivia says, "Possible, Thonge."
Celestiaa asks, "What I am getting to is, is it possible to have someone with you at the time of Payment iscase he does have Saureen try to capture you?"
Valdivia says, "He came after the big storm."
Valdivia says, "I wouldn't want to put anyone else at risk."
Grenhart says, "i donnae do nothin i don't want."
Valdivia says, "I have not asked you to do anything."
Warmen says, "Kinda sounds like ya have ya own army here Valdivia"
Valdivia smiles at Warmen.
Valdivia says, "Good friends."
Valdivia says, "I have asked something recently and I guess I should just be out with it."
Valdivia says, "I share your fears of Jimma or Saureen trying to double deal me."
Valdivia says, "I am scared they are going to rob me or something."
Valdivia says, "Perhaps I am being silly."
Valdivia says, "I have earned some coins to pay him and I don't trust them on me."
Valdivia says, "And if he steals them from me somehow and then claims I didn't pay him...."

Valdivia then gave coin she had gotten to all the orders that didnt get any from her the last time she was in the realms. Then word came of a lascar running near Crossing and we suggested she hide away because it would not be good to have her found with all of us.

Report from Ysabeau: May 14, 2001

Ysabeau, Gertoch, Asarian, and Wryt were trying to figure out how to resolve the situation and get rid of Jimma and his pirate lascars. Ysabeau invited Kithria because she had a reasonably good rapport with Vsevolod. After talking a while Kithria left and the rest of the group heard the voice of Vsevolod very near, he had apparently been listening. They discussed and heard Vsevolod's perspective on what had happened. Vsevolod says that Jimma, while he was indeed sent here to return Valdivia and Caibre to Saureen, is out of control. He also said that Saureen doesn't tend to change her mind once she's got it set, and that her mind is set on having the two back on her ship. I don't know if she would approve of the blackmail Jimma has resorted to. Gertoch and Ysabeau had been discussing the possibility of somehow getting Saureen's ear and having her take Jimma out of our hair, but Vsevolod didn't think that would help and Vsevolod had a different offer: they bring Valdivia and Caibre to him and he would guarantee that Jimma would leave and take the lascars with him. Ysabeau says that, though he hid the entire time, Vsevolod was polite in his conversation (if a bit obsessed with coin) and did not seem to be speaking with intent to deceive as far as I could tell. (I sensed no deception, but can be fooled as easily as the next Elf.)

Report from Elizzibiana: Will replace with actual RL date once we find it

Xxxxxx takes a seat.
You hear a loud laugh from the shadows.
Elizzibiana ponders.
Elizzibiana says, "come out and show yaself"
Elizzibiana holds hands with Xxxxxx.
Elizzibiana clasps your hand tenderly.
Elizzibiana traces an arcane sigil in the air.
A gruff voice from the shadows whispers, "You keep up the good work. You all don't go to the those meetings just like my boys told you too. Good girl, Elizzibiana. Real good girl."
Elizzibiana says, "umm,excuse me Jimma or whoever ya are"
Elizzibiana says, "I really dont like talkking to wooses in the shadows"
Elizzibiana says, "and while I may be white rose I have no interest in the goings on here"
A gruff voice from the shadows whispers, "Ain't the matter now. You just keep being the good girl you have been and tell your mates I said thank ye."
Elizzibiana says, "and I aint no girl"

A shimmering shield surrounds Elizzibiana.
A shimmering shield surrounds Xxxxxx.
A shimmering shield surrounds you. (She cast ES to protect from the next spell, frostbite. Was trying to force the speaker from the shadows)

Elizzibiana says, "woose"
Elizzibiana mutters cryptically to herself.
Elizzibiana traces an arcane sigil in the air.
Ice crystals begin to form in the air.
Elizzibiana snorts, loudly.
Laughter fills the air around you for a moment and then fades off in all directions.
Elizzibiana yells, "and if I choose I'll go to any dam meeting I want"
Elizzibiana snorts, loudly.
You poke Elizzibiana in the ribs.
Elizzibiana snorts at you.
Elizzibiana says, "I hate shadows"
Elizzibiana says, "buncha scum hide in them"