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Uwresari's Exotic Blunders
Event Guildfest 401
Owner Pum
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Necromancer shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Uwresari's Exotic Blunders, Lobby]
The elongated room is lined with flimsy wooden panels, each coated in a different garish shade of purple paint. You also see a flimsy doorway, a row of blocky pedestals with several things on it and a black stone plinth with a half-scale statue of Prince Vorclaf sculpted from a large turnip on it.
Obvious exits: north.


[Uwresari's Exotic Blunders, Showroom]
The spacious room is framed by flimsy wooden panels, each crudely carved with stick figures. You also see a crooked sign mounted on the wall, an archway draped with heavy black curtains, the Small Box o' Gems, a hulking Gor'Tog guard, a squat Gor'Tog guard, a bored attendant and a small side shelf with a ratty gem pouch on it.
Obvious exits: east, south, west.

A crooked sign mounted on the wall reads:
--~~{ Small Box o' Gems }~~--
1) One (1) platinum Lirum per grab.  Just GET BOX to play.
2) Management is not responsible for the actions of the 'Togs.
3) No refunds!
--~~{ The Master }~~--
On the small side shelf
Item Price Done
ratty gem pouch 100   !!


[Uwresari's Exotic Blunders, Jewelry]
A flimsy wooden panel curves around the alcove, the surface of it painted a garish shade of green. You also see a bored attendant, an ugly earring stand with a few things on it, a walnut tray with a couple of things on it, a white bone rack with a couple of things on it and a simple jewelry display with several things on it. Obvious exits: east.

On the earring stand
Item Price Done
rudimentary flame-shaped earring sculpted from copper 100,000   
mahogany splinter caged within a lopsided glass earring 100,000   
wrought iron earring set with a large rock crystal 100,000   
On the walnut tray
Item Price Done
misshapen frosted glass circlet decorated with polished granite lobes 200,000   
pair of mismatched cufflinks with simple tin mountings 200,000   No

On the white bone rack
Item Price Done
simple twisted bronze choker draped with discolored pearls 300,000   
blued glass torque capped with a pair of hazy green stones 300,000   
On the simple jewelry display
Item Price Done
discolored copper bracelet 100,000   
rudimentary blue-white anklet 200,000   
scrimshaw wristlet encrusted with tiny diamonds 400,000   
basic granite armband 10,000   
uneven rock crystal pendant suspended from a pyrite curb chain 100,000   
unsophisticated rawhide necklace hung with dark grey feathers 50,000   
black painted ring set with a massive clouded quartz 200,000   


[Uwresari's Exotic Blunders, Armory]
A flimsy wooden panel curves around the alcove, the surface of it painted a shocking shade of red. You also see a Gor'Tog sized armor stand with some hunting leathers decorated with purple handprints on it, a bored attendant, a steel weapon rack with several things on it and an iron armor stand with several things on it. Obvious exits: west.

On the Gor'Tog sized armor stand
Item Price Done
hunting leathers decorated with purple handprints 200,000   !!
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
heavy steel mattock 200,000   !!!!
silvery Elven telo with a leather grip 100,000   !!!!
lopsided iron bola 100,000   
bronze-tipped walnut spear 200,000   !!!!
light purple cinquedea 200,000   !!!!
oak-hafted khuj with a purple blade 300,000   
On the iron armor stand
Item Price Done
rich purple breastplate 100,000   !!
pitted iron target shield 10,000   !!!!
cherrywood tower shield banded with oak 200,000   !!!!
leather mask decorated with a row of steel studs along the edge 100,000   !!
purple-hued bone mask with an iron crown 100,000   !!

Exclusive Wares

[Uwresari's Exotic Blunders, Exclusive Wares]
A soft glow illuminates the exclusive goods on display here, leaving the rest of the room cloaked in shadows. A nauseating blend of exotic incense wafts through the chamber, while a trio of beautiful Gor'Tog ladies lounges amongst a pile of musty pillows located in a dimly lit alcove. You also see an archway draped with heavy black curtains, a luxurious open bar with several things on it and a raised dais with an ornate sign mounted on it with several things on it. Obvious exits: none.

  • 5 plats to just enter this room
An ornate sign mounted on the dais reads:
Many of the gems on display were obtained through a source exclusive to Master Sculptor Uwresari.
They will naturally shift in colors in accordance to astrological events.
Please be aware that supplies are extremely limited, and no refunds will be offered!
On the raised dais
Item Price Done
black leather sword belt with a frosty white elanthite clasp 5,000,000   !!
steel hand claws tipped with sharpened inky black katambite 20,000,000   
pale ivory xibarite nose stud 10,000,000   
slender dagger inlaid with auburn yavasite 10,000,000   !!!!
Please note: The prices on these items have changed and may continue to inflate with purchase. Prices listed here are the beginning prices.

Necromancer Exclusive Wares

[Pum's Necrotic Wonders, Exclusive Wares]
An unwholesome light seeps through the chambers, illuminating several raised daises filled with goods. Carefully displayed are the flayed, and preserved, remains of three Elven ladies. You also see a leather bag hanging at the apex of a tall silver tripod, a bored attendant and an archway draped with heavy black curtains. Obvious exits: none.

  • When entering the arch to the public exclusive wares section, Necromancers have the option of entering the Necrotic Wonders area instead. There is no cost to enter this section.
a raised dais
Item Price Done
tempered pitchfork 500,000   !!
serrated pugio 200,000   !!!!
dagger with a leather-wrapped hilt 200,000   !!!!
twisted katar 200,000   !!!!
long stiletto 200,000   !!!!
blued steel poignard 200,000   !!!!
a dusty dais
Item Price Done
nightmare black robe emblazed with a flaming skull 200,000   !!
nightmare black hood painted with a leering skull 150,000   !!
nightmare black gloves painted with skeleton hands 100,000   !!
a tall dais
Item Price Done
heavy white scholar's robe emblazed with the crest of the Asemath Academy 150,000   !!
mottled grey gloves 5,000   !!
mottled grey hood 7,500   !!
mottled brown and grey robe 10,000   !!
a short dais
Item Price Done
slender blued steel blade 100,000   

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