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Hello there! I just thought I would mention when you are creating or editing items you do not have to any longer list the source or cost under trade properties. You can just put a - in the source type and it will automatically source for you. Linett

Wiki Inaccuracies

Hello. If you notice something is incorrect on the wiki, please give more detail on what is inaccurate or update the relevant information yourself. "Most of this wrong" is not helpful for other contributors. What is wrong, how do you know it's wrong, etc? Please keep that in mind in the future. Thank you. --GAMERGIRL151 (talk) 04:03, 4 May 2015 (CDT)

I'm working on updating the information. You will see that I've posted some corrections on similar pages. I am getting to that one. I posted the talk as a caution in the meantime. --HAIKON (talk) 15:25, 4 May 2015 (CDT)

Festival Shops

Please check to make sure that everything is identical before simply adding a festival to a shop page. If the currency and/or prices are different, a new version should be added instead. --ISHARON (talk) 01:54, 18 March 2016 (CDT)

On shop pages, please put commas in prices of 1,000 or more. --ISHARON (talk) 02:53, 18 March 2016 (CDT)