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Adding Items

Thanks for helping to add items to the wiki! Before you get too many of these done, there are a couple easy sections of the FORM you can fill out when you're doing the addition that won't take but a moment to add. The Noun (top right) is what you would TAP to get it. So, for example, on the Item:Adobe andradite bead necklace with a heavy gold clasp, the Noun is necklace.
On all those Tags under the look box, you don't have to be perfect about them, but a lot of times, there are some that stand out that can be added. Using the same example necklace, I would put the following: Material Tag would be adobe andradite, andradite, gold,stone, Color Tag would be sandy brown,brown,gold.
And finally, when you look at each item via the SHOP information, it will usually tell you where it is worn for the Worn Location.
If you decide you enjoy updating the wiki, the Manual of Style article goes over the different tags and helps with figuring out good ways to list things. Thanks again! --Kythryn 20:37, 5 August 2016 (CDT)