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The turnip is typical the symbol of alterer Emanda, owner of the Terrific Turnip.

It is also a favored Gor'Tog food.

Symbol Items

ItemSource isRare item
Abstract vine-motif maskTerrific Turnip (3)true
Blackened steel oval shield inlaid with an angry vixenTerrific Turnip (1)true
Blackened steel target shield inlaid with an angry wolfTerrific Turnip (2)Terrific Turnip (3)true
Carved gaethzen turnipFenwyrthie's Curio Shoptrue
Cedar-handled carving knife inset with a bronze turnipTerrific Turnip (1)Terrific Turnip (2)Terrific Turnip (3)true
Cedar-handled skinning knife inset with a bronze turnipTerrific Turnip (1)Terrific Turnip (2)Terrific Turnip (3)true
Crimson kite shield painted with a fearsome warrior turnipTerrific Turnip (1)true
Dusky green-grey helmTerrific Turnip (1)Terrific Turnip (2)Terrific Turnip (3)true
Embossed leather greaves covered in paw printsTerrific Turnip (3)true
Embroidered leather coat depicting a serious gidiiTerrific Turnip (3)true
... further results


ItemSource isRare item
Boiled turnipsDarkstone Inntrue
Bowl of turnip soupHibarnhvidar Orphanagetrue
Bread bowl of turnip stewHollow Bellies (3)true
Fat turnipForaging compendiumtrue
Floppy-brimmed straw hat hung with a variety of preserved turnipsTerrific Turnip (1)Terrific Turnip (2)Terrific Turnip (3)true
Fresh turnip juiceBoar Clan Togball Field ConcessionsMadame Galoomba's Words of WisdomTiger Clan Togball Field Concessionstrue
Glazed turnip kebabsHunter's Tap Roomtrue
Golden gourd of turnip stoutFall's Harvest (2)true
Item:Boiled turnipsDarkstone Innfalse
Item:Fat turnipForaging compendiumfalse
... further results

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