Trigomas Residence

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Found on Escutcheon Boulevard in NW Therenborough, the extensive residence and grounds of the House Trigomas is periodically open to the public.

Front Yard

[Trigomas Residence, Front Yard]
Framed by a large rock wall equipped with a steel gate, this property shows the prosperity of its owner. Flagstones fitted to make a solid walkway encourage visitors to stay off the manicured lawn on their stroll to the house. Flowering shrubs soften the two-story building's marble exterior, scenting the air with their rich perfume. Polished brass urns, planted with boxwood topiary, line stairs that lead up to a mahogany front door, adorned by a golden plaque engraved with the Trigomas family crest.
Obvious paths: north, northwest.

Side Yard

[Trigomas Residence, Side Yard]
Hiding the secure rock barricade encircling the property is a row of tall pines, their branches forming a solid wall of bluish-tinged needles that freshen the air with a woodsy scent while also helping to muffle the noise brought on by the hustle and bustle of city life. Along the side of the house, a thick carpet of green grass is meticulously maintained, forming a soft cushion underfoot that invites visitors to continue on the scenic journey around the residence.
Obvious paths: south, west.

Back Yard

[Trigomas Residence, Back Yard]
Creating an ever-changing display of jewel-toned colors, overflowing beds of brilliant daylilies add a splash of color across the building's marble exterior. A door leading into the home's kitchen allows staff to easily serve family and guests who choose to relax in the lawn-carpeted back yard. Grouped with entertaining in mind, woven wicker chairs surround a glass-topped table while matching white chaises are placed to take advantage of the nearby herb and rose gardens with their fragrant perfume.
Obvious paths: north, northeast, east, west, northwest.

Herb Garden

[Trigomas Residence, Herb Garden]
Neatly trimmed boxwood forms a hedge surrounding the garden, discouraging animals from venturing in to sample young foliage. White gravel lines interlocking paths that separate the raised beds, crunching underfoot as household staff carefully harvest what is needed for the next meal. Methodically laid out in a formal pattern, each rectangular plot has been planted in contrasting colors with a single type of fragrant herb, designed to compliment the brass sundial decoratively placed atop the center isle.
Obvious paths: southwest.

  • Picked in this room are:

Grape Arbor

[Trigomas Residence, Grape Arbor]
Tall columns hung with lanterns support the arbor's trellised framework. Painted a bright white, the woodwork stands out against the leafy grape vines, creating a softly lit outdoor room. A woven design of baked red bricks forms a floor on which wicker chairs and table have been arranged for those wishing to relax in sheltered comfort. Near the back of the arbor a padded wooden swing hangs from chains secured to a ceiling beam, inviting couples to share intimate moments during the day or night.
Obvious exits: south.

  • The door here leads to the Kitchen.
  • Picked in this room is a purple grape
On the glass-topped table
Item Price Done
pitcher of sweetened iced tea adorned with sprigs of mint 0   !!
pitcher of iced strawberry lemonade 0   

Rose Garden

[Trigomas Residence, Rose Garden]
Rambling blooms cover arched walkways winding throughout the garden. Alternating beds are filled with long-stemmed bushes, filling the air with their intoxicating perfume. Along the border, wrought iron fences provide a neutral background for the bedding plants that battle daily for the most attention. Marble benches are placed to view the competition between the famous Therengian roses with their porcelain-white petals and the Trigomas blood rose whose velvety-red color demands to be noticed.
Obvious paths: southeast.

  • Picked in this room are:

Side Yard

[Trigomas Residence, Side Yard]
The neatly clipped lawn flows in a blanket of green, from the front yard to the back, winding its way along the large rock wall that secures the property from uninvited peasants looking for handouts of food and coin. Tall rhododendron bushes soften the look of the cold, stone barricade with frothy blooms that form a continuous cloud of soft pink, lending a slight floral fragrance to the air to accompany visitors on their journey around the residence.
Obvious paths: east, southeast.


[Trigomas Residence, Foyer]
Greeting guests in the center of the foyer is a columned pedestal on which a bronze bust of a proud ram commands immediate attention. Fringed wool carpets dyed a rich forest-green add color and warmth to pale marble flooring, imported from an elite quarry. Long mirrors framed in gold gilding line the walls, allowing for last minute primping before entering the main rooms of the manor. Traces of lemon oil permeate the air, undoubtedly coming from the polished ornate staircase leading to the upper floor.
You also see a mahogany front door and a pair of arched doors.
Obvious exits: north, east.

Great Room

[Trigomas Residence, Great Room]
Filling the far wall, a fireplace built from tumbled river rock forms a rustic backdrop for the stuffed head of a giant black bear, obviously one of the owner's prized trophies. Dividing two overstuffed leather sofas, arranged to take advantage of the fire's warmth, sits a glass-topped table supported by a sculpted bronze wolfhound. Hung from the beamed ceiling, a chandelier of woven elk antlers, floods the area with light. Knotted silk rugs, detailed with scenes of the hunt, adorn the tiled floor.
Obvious exits: north, west.

On the glass-topped table
Item Price Done
bowl of lightly-salted hard pretzels 0   !!
glass candy dish filled with colorful boar-shaped jellybeans 0   !!
decanter of House Reserve brandy 0   !!
tissue-lined bags of roasted chestnuts 0   !!
tray of chocolate sword-shaped cookies 0   !!
crystal bowl displaying some sugared rose petals tipped in white chocolate 0   !!

Dining Room

[Trigomas Residence, Dining Room]
Freestanding candelabras combine with a two-tiered crystal chandelier to reflect warm light off the ornate mirrors hung about the room. Imported gold silk printed with the family's crest lines the walls, forming a rich backdrop for the long, claw-footed dining table with its matching chairs. Standing beside the abundant buffet, an alabaster statue pays tribute to Glythtide. Discreetly placed off to the side, a well-stocked bar awaits to quench the thirst of welcomed guests.
Obvious exits: south, west.

On the abundant buffet
Item Price Done
bunch of plump juicy grapes 0   
chilled platter filled with thin delicate slices of raw orange grek garnished with lemon wedges 0   !!
delectable cheesecake decorated with little marzipan turnips 0   !!
elegant silver platter with spears of raw meat arranged atop crushed iceProperty "Source for" (as page type) with input value "Item:" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. 0   
glass-domed roast pheasant 0   
gold platter filled with tiny snowbeast sausages skewered with little sword-shaped sticks and served with a spicy radish dip 0   !!
honey-glazed ham studded with cloves 0   !!
iced raw oysters served on half shellsProperty "Source for" (as page type) with input value "Item:" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. 0   
large plate of beer-basted steak 0   !!
mixed fruit and rose petal salad with a honey jadice flower dressingProperty "Source for" (as page type) with input value "Item:" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. 0   
neat pile of fresh figs 0   !!
platter of ale-braised beef 0   
platter of Therenborough apple-glazed chicken 0   !!
platter of tiny roast quail in an apple brandy sauce 0   
platter of whiskey-glazed haggis served with a thick brown gravy 0   !!
pile of roast pigeonProperty "Source for" (as page type) with input value "Item:" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. 0   
savory venison tart with a spicy leek sauce in a flakey pastry crust 0   !!
silver bowl filled with green and gold fettucini in a creamy mushroom and wine sauce 0   !!
silver plate filled with rich double-fudge brownies with lacy white chocolate icing 0   !!
silver platter of glazed peach tarts 0   !!
silver platter of savory shrimp sauteed with almonds and coconut 0   
slab of prime rib carved upon a large wooden cutting board 0   !!
slices of spring melon drizzled with an onion marmalade 0   
sugar-cured roast duck with a fresh raspberry sauce 0   !!
tray filled with succulent grilled lobster tails with a savory garlic stuffing 0   !!
tray of piping hot garlic-thyme rolls 0   !!
tray of sweet apple tarts sprinkled with cinnamon 0   !!
trencher of barbequed turkey legs brushed with a spicy glaze 0   !!
tomato-herb flatbread 0   !!
wooden bowl filled with steaming cobs of roasted wild corn 0   !!
wooden tray with slices of chocolate apple-spiced cake 0   !!
Property "Source for" (as page type) with input value "Item:" contains invalid characters or is incomplete and therefore can cause unexpected results during a query or annotation process. 0   
Food choices rotate
On the alabaster bar
Item Price Done
brass-banded oak cask filled with a pale golden ale 0   !!
several bottles of Therengian red wine 0   !!
tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   
iced pitcher of rich chocolate milk 0   !!
silver urn filled with rich mocha coffee frothed with steamed milk 0   
decanter of gypsy misthaze 0   !!
kettle of honey-lemon tea 0   
cask of Calibanor strawberry wine 0   !!
pitcher of iced strawberry lemonade 0   
magnum of sparkling champagne 0   
barrel of Chadatru's Justice 0   


[Trigomas Residence, Kitchen]
Flesh hooks hang beside the huge brick oven which is divided by a series of spits and steel crooks. Intermingling scents of roasting meat and bubbling pots of stew grow thicker with each wave of heat from the well-tended fire. Rounds of bread dough dusted with flour fill one end of the long wooden counter, left to rise as bakers busy themselves with an assortment of pastries. Placed above a pair of large stone sinks, windows overlook the kitchen's extensive herb garden.
You also see a back door.
Obvious exits: east.

  • The door takes you to the Back Yard.
In the brick oven
Item Price Done
succulent plum-roasted peccary rotating on a long spit 0   !!
steaming pot of lamb stew hung from a steel crook 0   !!
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
platter of lemon cream-filled cupcakes topped with powdered sugar 0   !!
tray of chocolate heart-shaped cookies 0   


[Trigomas Residence, Library]
Being centered in the manor protects the library from the flurry of activity that goes on within the other rooms, making it a quiet spot to read and reflect. Mahogany bookcases line the walls from floor to ceiling, filled with the family's journals, which sit alongside a collection of historic works. Quilted burgundy leather covers the pair of humpbacked armchairs that flank a long settee. Carved accent tables feature shaded brass lanterns, providing light for hours of extended research.
Obvious exits: south.


[Trigomas Residence, Passageway]
Long tapers sit in brass holders, tracing a path that breaks up shadows dancing about on cool stone walls. Lining the marble floor, a fringed carpet runner muffles footfalls from occasional travelers. At one end of the narrow hall, a heavy goldenwood door stands out, while tucked into the far corner a narrow door is barely visible to anyone not looking for it.
Obvious exits: none.


[Trigomas Residence, Study]
Dark paneling surrounds the room, framing a glass case with a collection of favored swords and shields, retired after memorable battles and hung for display. Overlooking the rose garden, emerald velvet drapes a large picture window complete with padded seat, providing a scenic spot to curl up for an afternoon of reading. Standing guard from the corner, a full set of ceremonial plate armor augments an ornate ebonwood desk, its polished wood mirrored in the matching chair cushioned with rich green leather.
You also see a heavy goldenwood door and a golden curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

Wine Cellar

[Trigomas Residence, Wine Cellar]
Double thick walls of stone block assure the temperature stays consistently cool in this underground cellar. Shelves lined with a rich assortment of imported wines and liqueurs fill the walls, the dusty bottles left to age awaiting the family's pleasure. Stools surround a round table set with crystal decanters and glasses in preparation for private invitations to sample rare libations from the Trigomas family's vast collection.
You also see a wooden stairway.
Obvious exits: none.

On the round table
Item Price Done
faceted crystal decanter of sweet apple brandy 0   !!
elegant long-necked crystal decanter of rose petal sherry 0   !!

Reception Room

[Trigomas Residence, Reception Room]
Decorative suits of armor partitioned by fluted alabaster columns stand poised like a silent army, guarding the way to a slightly raised stage where an ornately jeweled settee sits between a duo of coordinating brocade-covered chairs. Soft candlelight reflects off the river of crystal prisms that cover the three-tiered chandelier, causing flashes of pastel colors to dance across a gold symbol inlaid into the polished white floor.
You also see a cushioned flamewood stool, a curtained archway, a gold-gilded flamewood harpsichord and a pair of arched doors.
Obvious exits: none.

Main Hallway (2nd Floor)

[Second Floor, Main Hallway]
Running the length of the second floor, this long hallway divides the building's two wings, which hold the family and guest suites. Plush carpeting muffles the footfalls of uniformed servants who silently go about their household chores. Directly across from an ornate staircase, a gilded frame encases the portrait of a majestic white stallion, hung to draw attention away from a carved door.
Obvious exits: east, west.

Privy Chamber

[Second Floor, Privy Chamber]
Partitioned to allow for modesty, a row of leather-padded commodes fitted with porcelain chamber pots provides a comfortable place for lords and ladies to take care of their bodily functions. Dry sinks have been supplied with ornate silver washbasins and water pitchers as well as a lavish supply of soft cloths and perfumed soaps to assist in personal hygiene. Several crocks filled with bundles of lavender serve not only as decoration but to remove any unpleasant odors that may linger in the air.
You also see a carved door.
Obvious exits: east.

Bathing Chamber

[Second Floor, Bathing Chamber]
Tiled mosaics adorn the walls, framed by artistic arrangements of potted palms. Attendants keep the marble vanity well stocked with items to pamper the skin, from thick cotton robes to rare creams and potions. Felt backed bamboo rugs help keep feet dry from an occasionally damp stone floor. Candles line a gold railing surrounding the sunken bath, their flickering flames reflected across the warmed water. Large enough for communal bathing, the pool has a set of curved stairs, allowing a graceful entry.
Obvious exits: west.

Sunken Bath

[Bathing Chamber, Sunken Bath]
Warmed water surrounds all in its intimate embrace, gently melting away dirt and grime as it soothes the tensions brought on by a noble life. Rivulets gurgle down a marble statue rising up from one end of the pool, offering anyone sitting under them a relaxing massage for tired, achy muscles. Built-in silver caddies are filled with scented oils, sea sponges, perfumed soaps, and mineral salts to assist in a pleasant soak. Curved stone stairs are left unpolished, preventing slips when leaving the bath.
Obvious exits: none.

East Wing Hallway

[Second Floor, East Wing Hallway]
Beeswax candles perched in crystal sconces light the way to the family suite at the end of the hallway. Edged in animite carved with a fleur-de-lis motif, a large octagonal mirror has been hung above a decorative stand that's filled daily with tall bouquets of long-stemmed Trigomas blood roses, their scent lightly wafting through the air. Heavy velvet dyed a rich forest-green effectively curtains an archway, protecting it from the prying eyes of curious visitors who may wander by.
Obvious exits: west.

West Wing Hallway

[Second Floor, West Wing Hallway]
Dark paneling encases the walls, forming a muted backdrop for imported woods used to create the ornate bedroom doors lining this hallway that runs through the building's west wing. Discreetly tucked into the far corner, a narrow staircase leads upstairs to the servant's quarters, allowing maids to quickly answer all needs of the family's guests, no matter what hour of day or night.
You also see a goldenwood door, a mistwood door, a burlwood door and a flamewood door.
Obvious exits: east.

Guest Bedroom (goldenwood door)

[West Wing, Guest Bedroom]
Standing guard by the door, an antique set of ceremonial plate armor watches over guests who stay in this room. Tall braziers flank an opulent gold-framed feather bed whose royal blue linens peek out from under a draping black velvet coverlet, mimicking the colors in the silk banner of Zozindu Theren hung proudly above the headboard. Sitting atop the ornately gilded armoire, locally grown long-stemmed roses arranged in a jeweled porcelain vase lend an elegant touch as their perfume fills the senses.
You also see a goldenwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

Guest Bedroom (mistwood door)

[West Wing, Guest Bedroom]
An artistically painted grove encompasses the walls. Small globe-shaped lanterns, hidden within leafy branches hung from the ceiling, recreate the soft light of the Fornsted forest's canopy. Potted dwarf pines under-planted with fragrant lemon thyme surround rocks stacked loosely in the corner, supporting a gurgling waterfall that trickles into a small reflecting pool. On the floor, heavily padded sleeping mats, dyed a rich moss green, offer a good night's sleep to guests familiar with sleeping outside.
You also see a mistwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

Guest Bedroom (burlwood door)

[West Wing, Guest Bedroom]
Coiled rope forms a decorative base for brass lanterns, hung to replicate the shaded light of a captain's cabin. Built into the room's planked walls are porthole-shaped aquariums, filled with living treasures collected from waters local to Riverhaven. Barrel-shaped stools surround a circular oak tabletop that is held aloft by a trio of entwined anchors. Securely fastened above a roomy box bed is a gold-trimmed ship's wheel, steering guests on their journey to a safe night's sleep.
You also see a burlwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

  • The LOOK on the aquarium changes each time you look at it.

Guest Bedroom (flamewood door)

[West Wing, Guest Bedroom]
Globe-shaped lanterns, casually draped with sheer scarlet scarves, cast softly flickering lights across crimson velvet-covered walls that dance about like the leaping flames of a gypsy campfire. Brightly colored satin pillows are scattered in front of a flagstone hearth, flanked by dwarf junipers and potted violets that fill the air with scents of the Ker'Leor Mountains. Gold trim adorns the red lacquered furniture, from the mirrored vanity to the large sleigh bed with its coverlet of multi-hued silks.
You also see a flamewood door.
Obvious exits: none.

  • CLOSE, then TURN and then OPEN the music box to play a few minutes of music.
On the red-lacquered vanity
Item Price Done
tray of chocolate heart-shaped cookies 0   !!
magnum of sparkling pink champagne chilling in a golden ice bucket 0   !!

Servants Quarters

[Attic, Servants Quarters]
Cubicles separated by wooden partitions are draped with cotton curtains to provide privacy for those sleeping between shifts. Each space has been provided with identical furnishings, a simple pine bed, sturdy wood washstand and large trunk for personal possessions. Inhabitants have added their own touches, homespun quilts, books, small trinkets and pictures to remind them of home. Even the narrow staircase is neatly kept, making it obvious that the servants take pride in their surroundings.
Obvious exits: none.

  • A glass of spring water can be taken from the washstand.
  • There is a portrait of "Charlie" in the trunk, but unknown if it is the same person as the "Charlie" that ran Palactra House of Fine Forgery. Additionally, the trinket box is labeled ""Marie's Memories From Home"".