Toys From Sand (1)

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Toys From Sand
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Taisidon Safari 417
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Toy shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Toys From Sand, Counter]
By no stretch of the imagination could this small stand ever be described as being well constructed. Bent nails cross over one another at key points and provide plenty of evidence of multiple failed attempts before managing to get a single one properly hammered in. Splashes of different colors decorate the structure, though much of it is faded and peeling from long exposure to the weather. The counter is low, and a single small table rests alongside it. You also see a salt-stained driftwood table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the driftwood table
Item Price Done
small sack dotted with multi-colored painted shells 423   !!
short toy driftwood sword 523   !!
small sand-filled arzumos 342   !!
tiny bottle suspended from a braided cotton cord 732   !!
sand castle pin 423   !!
uneven ocean clay vase covered with a layer of shells 142   !!
miniature sand-filled shh'oi paguur 342   !!
large clam shell suspended from a braided dried seaweed cord 483   !!
red sand-filled crab 342   !!
colorful sand-filled starfish 342   !!
On the jewelry tree (which is on a salt-stained driftwood table)
Item Price Done
lemicule starfish pin 5,499   !!
On the counter
Item Price Done
leafy greens - champion bait for Savannah Bulls 1,000   
wiggling worms - champion bait for Forest Drakes (elder forest drake) 1,000   
dark chocolate - champion bait for Mimics 1,000   
rye bread - champion bait for Wood Trolls (troll chief) 1,000   
salty bacon - champion bait for Andesite gargoyles 1,000   
mincemeat tarts - champion bait for Pirate Zombies (captain) 1,000   
marbled meat - champion bait for Cinnamon bears 1,000   
white eggs - champion bait for Giant Blade Spiders 1,000   
ripe mangoes - champion bait for Beltunumshis 1,000   
crimson-red tomatoes - champion bait for Gestalt Void Midges 1,000   

A neat parchment reads:

A funny green man left these dishes here with us.
We don't like them, and he said we wouldn't.
But he also told us that he's used them
to lure out great beasts of power. Maybe
you would be interested? We don't have much,
so we'll only allow one per family.

Good luck!"