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The Tokka deck was first introduced as a tool for divination by the Followers of the Fortune's Path sect. The Gypsies' aptitude for this tool might be attributed to their fondness for games of chance. Moon Mages can use these painted cards to predict the future by divining meaning from the placement of each picture. Avatars, Portents, and Taisialaen, or "sky jewels", are dealt into predefined positions known as The Thread, The Path, and The Terminus. Tokka decks are often personalized, and it is uncommon that two would be the same.


  • Availability: Taisgath.
  • Sect Affinity: Fortune's Path
  • More control over the style of prediction done compared to other tools.
  • Time consuming to predict with compared to other tools (depending how many cards you DEAL).
  • Predicting on others is consensual only, since they need to cut the deck to attune the prediction to them.
  • Since the make up of each deck is different each deck is a little more personal.
  • SHUFFLE in the rain guarantees damage to at least one of the deck's physical qualities.


For general information on how predictions work see the Prediction article.

Like all prediction tools, before use the seer must know the ALIGN ability (learnable at 4th circle) and have made a successful observation. Furthermore, before the first use, the cards must be RUBbed to bond them to the user. Syntax is to ALIGN <skill/skill set>, SHUFFLE the cards, CUT the deck and then DEAL Deck 3, 4, 5 or 6. To predict on someone else CUT the deck at them to allow them to CUT the deck before DEALing. Each card beyond the first three will add a Kismet.


You prepare to deal from your Tokka deck. Envisioning the layout of the Vibrant Cross in your mind, you briefly rest your hand over the place where each position in the spread will lie.
You pull the first card from your deck with complete confidence, revealing the Spider as a Kismet, but it is inverted!
You strongly turn over the next card, revealing the Crypt as the Thread, but it is inverted!
You draw the next card, playing the Ways as the Path.
You almost drop the last card, dealing the Joyous Mage of Hearts as the Terminus.
The Joyous Mage of Hearts brightens for a moment, as if somehow lit from behind.
You collect the cards and slide them cautiously back into your Tokka deck.


Due to the complexity of Tokka cards, one should read A Technical Study of Tokka before continuing.

  1. The way in which each card is dealt indicates the general accuracy of that card.
  2. Kismets (If applicable) act as a modifier to the entire prediction, increasing it's potential but also increasing the risk.
  3. Generally the cards can be divided into positive, neutral, and negative - and their influence in a prediction, particullarly as Kismets, relates to this.
  4. The Thread relates to the magnitude of the prediction. Portents are the most potent here, and Avatars the weakest.
  5. The Path relates to the duration of the prediction. Avatars are the most potent here, and Portents are the weakest.
  6. The Terminus relates to the area of influence. Each card has a one to one relationship to a skill.
  7. The glow or shadow indicates the polarity, and is also where attunement messages would occur.

This particular prediction was a DEAL 4 ALIGNed to Evasion. The Spider is the strongest negative Taisialaen, however it is inverted making it positive and weak, and as a kismet it will influence the Terminus. The Crypt is a negative weak Portent, but also inverted, making it overall positive and fairly weak in the Thread. The Ways is a strong neutral Portent but is weak in the position of the Path. The Joyous Mage of Hearts indicates an unclear Terminus, however the glow indicates an overall positive prediction. Overall the prediction was accurate with the exception of a very unclear Terminus.


Physical Qualities

Potency damage

Potency damage is represented by the brushwork.

  • The brushwork is awe-inspiring, comprised of perfect strokes.
  • The brushwork rings with striking vibrancy.
  • The brushwork is colorful and vivid.
  • The brushwork is bold and clear.
  • The brushwork is somewhat bright.
  • The brushwork is of average clarity.
  • The brushwork is somewhat dim.
  • The brushwork is quite faded.
  • The brushwork is significantly obscured.
  • The brushwork is severely smudged and degraded.
  • The brushwork can barely be identified.
  • The brushwork is unrecognizable.

Duration damage

Duration damage can be determined based on the overall wear on the cards.

  • The cards are perfectly crisp and straight.
  • The cards are like new.
  • The cards are not noticeably damaged.
  • The cards have minor scratches.
  • The cards bow ever-so-slightly from heavy shuffling.
  • The cards bend at the corners.
  • The cards are lightly creased.
  • The cards are worn from frequent use.
  • The cards are creased and smudged.
  • The cards have worn thin.
  • The cards bear deep gouges and vertical folds.
  • The cards are completely covered in a web of creases.

Alignment damage

Alignment damage manifests as the lines within the images on the cards.

  • The lines forming the images seem to leap from of the cards with perfect realism.
  • The lines forming the images are astonishingly pristine and of excellent quality.
  • The lines forming the images are quite lifelike.
  • The lines forming the images are somewhat animated.
  • The lines forming the images are easily recognizable.
  • The lines forming the images are plainly drawn.
  • The lines forming the images are somewhat flat.
  • The lines forming the images are uneven.
  • The lines forming the images seem rather lifeless.
  • The lines forming the images are unattractive.
  • The lines forming the images are difficult to decipher.
  • The lines forming the images only vaguely resemble what they supposedly depict.

Polarity damage

Polarity damage is determined based on the edges of the cards.

  • The edges of the cards perfectly align to create a seamless transition.
  • The edges of the cards are sharply defined and clean.
  • The edges of the cards are well-aligned.
  • The edges of the cards are straight.
  • The edges of the cards are warped.
  • The edges of the cards are quite worn.
  • The edges of the cards are marred by notches.
  • The edges of the cards have several torn corners.
  • The edges of the cards have become frayed.
  • The edges of the cards are distorted and ripped.
  • The edges of the cards are severely damaged.
  • The edges of the cards no longer define distinct boundaries beteween the cards.

Bond Qualities

When you analyze a deck, you will see a vision. What you see reflects your bond with the cards.

Potency bond

The animation of the images.
As you thumb through the deck. The cards' images exhibit the throes of death. (1/10)
As you thumb through the deck. The cards' images lie sleeping. (2/10)
As you thumb through the deck. The cards' images appear in quiet meditation. (3/10)
As you thumb through the deck. The cards' images stand alone. (4/10)
As you thumb through the deck. The cards' images move haphazardly. (5/10)
As you thumb through the deck. The cards' images appear in pairs. (6/10)
As you thumb through the deck. The cards' images circle one another. (7/10)

Duration bond

The movement of the images.
Their movement vanishes instantaneously. (1/10)
Their movement disappears almost immediately. (2/10)
Their movement fades quickly. (3/10)
Their movement plays out, but then fades away. (4/10)
Their movement lingers in your mind. (5/10)
Their movement is memorable, like a portrait. (6/10)
Their movement is animated and vivid. (7/10)

Alignment bond

Familiarity with the images.
The scene is unfamiliar, a complete stranger. (1/10)
The scene brings a sense of familiarity, as if it were someone you might have passed in the street. (2/10)
The scene brings a sense of familiarity, as if it were a face from the town square's wanted board. (3/10)
The scene brings a sense of familiarity, as if it were a debt collector. (4/10)
The scene brings a sense of familiarity, as if it were a conversational bartender. (5/10)
The scene brings a sense of familiarity, as if it were a distant relative. (6/10)

Polarity bond

Interaction with the Web of Fate.
You then sense the Web of Fate which completely ensnares you. (1/10)
You then sense the Web of Fate which blankets you like a cocoon. (2/10)
You then sense the Web of Fate which obscures your vision. (3/10)
You then sense the Web of Fate which hinders you like a ball and chain. (4/10)
You then sense the Web of Fate which is a distant, jumbled mess. (5/10)

Age and construction qualities

These are identical for all types of tools. See Prediction for a list of both.


Since a card can appear in any position, messages for Tokka Cards are more about context within the deal and trends within sets of cards than specific messages. Each deck contains 54 cards (Not counting custom cards; decks are limited to 64 cards) and the exact mix varies from deck to deck. For playability the Terminus (skill card) is the same for all decks.

Spread (Skill set)

Golden Triad: Defense w/3 cards
Dome of Fate: Defense w/>3 cards
Celestial Pillars: Lore w/3 cards
Scryer's Arch: Lore w/>3 cards
Lunar Circle: Magic w/3
Fateweaver's Glass: Magic w/>3 cards
Staff of the Prophetess: Offense w/3
Scythe: Offense w/>3 cards
Pyramid of Awareness: Survival w/3
Vibrant Cross: Survival w/>3 cards



Power Rank Positive Neutral Negative
1 Gilded Egg Hourglass Crypt
2 Golden Moon Summoning Barrow
3 Ivory Shrine Ways Falling Star
4 Lucky Copper Window Fissure of Earth
5 Stellar Stairway World Dragon Illusion
6 Web of Fate Endless Seas Locked Door
7 Crossroads Tome of Secrets Void
8 River of Aether Keep Beast
9 Evergarden Branch Valley of Mist
10 -- -- Living Statue

These are not currently sorted and does not include all possible Portents.


Power Rank Positive
1 Races
2 Professionals
3 Suited Professionals

Suits include Hearts, Clubs, Pins and Court. Inflection is indicated by the mood (if any) of the Avatar.


Power Rank Positive Neutral Negative
1 Nightingale Wolf Centaur
2 Wolverine Lion Weasel
3 Magpie Raven Viper
4 Snake Unicorn Shark
5 Albatross Boar Coyote
6 Donkey Panther Heron
7 Dove Cobra Goshawk
8 Phoenix Ox Raccoon
9 Mongoose Scorpion Adder
10 Owl Wren Vulture
11 Welkin Cat Shrew
12 Cow Ram Shrike
13 Jackal Dolphin Spider

Magic Skills

Skill Card
Arcana the Artificer
Astrology the Guildleader
Attunement the Wellspring
Augmentation the Bear
Debilitation the Python
Primary Magic the Joyous Mage
Sorcery the Black Flame
Targeted Magic the Falling Star
Utility the Nexus
Warding the Runebinder

Lore Skills

Skill Card
Alchemy the Mortar and Pestle
Appraisal the Jewel of Night
Empathy the Guildleader
Enchanting the Coruscating Brazier
Engineering the Brass Gear
Forging the Burning Forge
Outfitting the Empty Loom
Performance the Minstrel
Scholarship the Silver Scroll
Tactics the Commander

Defensive Skills

Skill Card
Brigandine the Rivet
Chain Armor the Broken Circle
Defending the Sentinel
Light Armor the Hunter
Parry the Crossroads
Plate Armor the Keep
Shield the Knight

Survival Skills

Skill Card
Athletics the Stellar Stairway
Evasion the Nimble Dancer
First Aid the Wounded Veteran
Locksmithing the Locked Door
Outdoorsmanship the Valley of Mist
Perception the Stargazer
Skinning the Beast
Stealth the Twilight
Thievery the Thief of Hearts

Offense Skills

Skill Card
Bow the Arrow
Brawling the Greater Fist
Crossbow the Twilight
Heavy Thrown the Boulder
Large Blunt the Crusader
Large Edged the Dwarf
Light Thrown the Feather
Melee Mastery the Infantryman
Missile Mastery the Archer
Offhand Weapon the Squire
Polearms the Wall of Thorns
Slings the Halfling
Small Blunt the Gnome
Small Edged the Thief of Hearts
Staves the Hourglass
Twohanded Blunt the Wounded Veteran
Twohanded Edged the World Dragon

Note that these skills do NOT match the Fortune's Path cantrip.

Note that the Guildleader, the Thief of Hearts, the Twilight, and the Wounded Veteran can be the Terminus for multiple skills, depending on subject and skillset.

Custom Cards

Unlike other tools Tokka Cards can be customized slightly - Having unique cards introduced to the deck that mimic other cards. Lohkrian's demonstrates this:

Before Painting:

>tap card
You tap a Tokka card that you are holding.
>l card
You see an unpainted Tokka card.

After Painting:

>tap card
You tap a Tokka card that you are holding.
>l card
You see the Defenestrated Student.
>pull card
You hold up your Tokka card, revealing the Defenestrated Student for everyone to see.
>combine card with deck
You slide the Tokka card into the middle of your deck and then toss a couple of quick strip shuffles by taking small portions off the bottom of the deck and placing them on the top.
Roundtime: 6 sec.

These cards may then be selected any time the deck looks for a card with the same properties as the card that was added. For that deck, it is now a valid choice to help describe prediction outcome.


  • STUDYing the deck will show if/what cards have been added to your deck.
  • As a simple magic trick can be performed by members of Fortune's Path by WAVEing the deck at a player who then must PULL a card from the deck. After this RAISE will select the proper card.
  • Tokka can be dealt by non Moon Mages however the results will not be predictive.
  • Unlike most tools, Tokka require the second hand to be empty to use them, and the deck cannot be put away until the deal is finished, however the prediction takes place with the first card dealt.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Blue and silver Tokka deckTokka Painter's Huttrue
Brass foiled Tokka deckFuture is Now (1)true
Brilliant watercolor Tokka deck pressed with a moonsilver borderSu Helmas: Seeds of Entropy/End loottrue
Dull black Tokka deck embossed with silver webbingEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)Moon Mage Paviliontrue
Dull grey Tokka deck pebbled with silvery black and brown huesTokka Painter's Huttrue
Elegant tokka deck painted in raesh-styleEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)true
Extravagantly illustrated tokka deckEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)true
Fuzzy-backed Tokka deckEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)Moon Mage Paviliontrue
Gilt-edged Tokka deck (1)Future is Now (1)true
Gilt-edged Tokka deck (2)Grey Raven Commissarytrue
... further results

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