To The Hammer Born

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To The Hammer Born
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[To The Hammer Born, Salesfloor]
Racks and stands displaying the merchandise are scattered across the plain plank floor. The hide walls of the tent occasionally move slightly in the breeze, but little else disturbs the customers as they browse the selection of weapons on offer.
You also see a tent flap.

On the maple rack
Item Price Done
polished steel maul with an iroko handle 3,125,000   
iron war hammer with a gloomwood handle 187,500   
polished tomiek mallet with an ebony handle 9,375,000   
giant steel mallet etched with butterflies 225,000   
steel two-headed hammer with the head shaped like a swimming shark 225,000   
iron war hammer shaped like a goose's head 225,000   
steel mallet with a head shaped like a wedge of cheese 250,000   
steel throwing hammer engraved with coins 200,000   
coralite war hammer with an ebony handle 60,000,000   
On the poplar stand
Item Price Done
steel war hammer with a carved ebony haft 225,000   
spiked hammer depicting a horned stag as its head 212,500   
heavy coralite mallet with a dragon-shaped head 56,250,000   
steel throwing mallet with a zingana handle 500,000   
polished steel greathammer engraved with cavorting goats 200,000   
polished tyrium double-headed hammer inlaid with mistglass lightning bolts 100,000,000   
deep green muracite hammer with a frog-shaped head 350,000   
steel throwing hammer shaped like an anchor 237,500   
polished steel war hammer with an anvil-shaped head 200,000