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Tisquantum Longstalk
Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime
Relatives Longstalk Tribe

Imagine, if you will, a brilliant sunset. Fluffy clouds glow pink against a backdrop of bright oranges and purples blending together to create a potpourri of color so exquisite you can hardly stand to look. Silhouettes of howling wolves materialize and then fade away, as the ethereal moon presses the color down into the horizon, a harbinger of night. Just as darkness begins to envelope you, a man appears in the sky above, his long locks of flowing hair restrained by a cord of gold, his chiseled features too beautiful to describe, but forever emblazoned on your minds eye. He begins to chant, his sinuous body moving to the rhythm of his song. Feathers fly, his loincloth barely covering his loins, he dances with the abandon of one who truly knows what freedom is. Your heart pounds harder and faster with the beat, you feel as if it may explode from your chest! Just as you fall to the ground, ready to meet the gods that created you... he stops. A benevolent smile meant only for you fills your being with overwhelming happiness as he turns and walks across the sky, fading into the night.

You have experienced Tisquantum Longstalk, be grateful, your life is now complete.


All that is Tisquantum, brought to you by the player of Synamon with the approval of Tisquantum and the gods that made him.