Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt (2)

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Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt
Event Rathan Carnival
Owner Thryntyrlz
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt, The Display Area]
Heavy felt walls draped with spidersilk keep all but the strongest of winds from disturbing the serenity of this expansive yurt. The area is well lit by what appear to be several large gaethzen spheres suspended in the upper corners of the yurt. Containers of various types are nestled within the different display areas. A servant guards a shimmering spidersilk curtain that separates this part of the yurt from the section beyond. You also see a luminous blue sapphire chest, a polished malachite pedestal with some stuff on it, an onyx display stand with a brocade pocketed vest on it and a heavy felt flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the malachite pedestal
Item Price Done
a brushed vellum note:If you wish custom work to be done, be sure that you have at least 10 platinum in your local bank account before you even consider it. Most work will cost even more, depending on what you wish done. I'm willing to send a runner, but if you can't afford my services, don't even ask. And don't bother to look for a list, because I only do one item at a time, and I'm too old to allow work to accumulate. If you're still interested in having custom work done, read the plaque.
an etched golden plaque:I'm willing to make custom alterations to existing bags. Such alterations may include applique, embroidery, softening, stretching, and even adding material. I work at my own pace in my own way, and if you're rude, you can leave. I charge for both time and materials, so the more of either you require, the more it'll cost. I'm not cheap, and neither is my work. Consultations start at 1 platinum.
elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack 65,500   DG
On the display stand
Item Price Done
pocketed brocade silk vest 2,195,400   !!
In the blue sapphire chest
Item Price Done
large silk sack 10,800   !!
large spidersilk sack 18,000   !!
In the crystal bowl
Item Price Done
red marinated mushrooms 0   No