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The throwing club or throwing stick is one of the first weapons used by early humans and cultures all around the world. In essence, it is a short stave or wooden club thrown as a projectile to hunt small game such as rabbits or waterfowl. In flight, it rotates rapidly, cracking the target with one of the ends, maiming or killing it. A throwing stick can be straight like a pointed wooden shaft or curved like the boomerang, and is much shorter than the javelin. It became obsolete as slings and bows became more prevalent. Throwing sticks shaped like returning boomerangs are designed to go straight to a target. Their surfaces are not shaped unevenly like airfoils, but are symmetrical on both sides, and do not exhibit curved flight.[1]


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Carved ivory throwing clubDroughtman's Travelling Emporium-on-Wheels (1)Toss-O-Rama
Ebony throwing club reinforced with iron bandsFlight of HandFlight of Hand (1)Flight of Hand (2)true
Gold-banded throwing clubToss-O-Rama
Ironwood throwing club wrapped with a spiraling leather bandFlight of Hand (1)Flight of Hand (2)
Ivory throwing club carved in the shape of a boar's tuskOver the EdgeOver the Edge (1)true
Steel-banded throwing clubtrue
Svidaw sisKifa AwrocisKifa Awrocis (1)Kifa Awrocis (2)Kifa Awrocis (obsolete)true
Throwing club (crafted)false
Weapon:Carved ivory throwing clubToss-O-RamaDroughtman's Travelling Emporium-on-Wheels (1)true
Weapon:Ebony throwing club reinforced with iron bandsFlight of Handtrue
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