This Little Piggy (1)

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This Little Piggy
Event Hollow Eve Festival 421
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[This Little Piggy, Stayed Home]
Bright green paint creates lush hills of soft-looking grasses upon the walls. A few trees dapple the rolling fields giving shade for the many hogs that are depicted frolicking, napping or nibbling from silver platters. A pack of proud peccary appear to have taken control over one of the hills and a slightly larger brown swine is perched at the peak while wearing a shiny silver crown. Set in the middle of the room are brightly polished wooden tables. A doorway carved with yet more pigs leads out of the shop.
Obvious exits: west.

On the silverwood table
Item Price Done
undersized steely grey structure transformed into piggy barracks 90,200   !!
roly-poly white fabric pig with a daisy tucked behind its ear 90,200   !!
windstorm gossamer tornado strewn with barnyard animals jutting out at odd angles 496,100   !!
miniature mechanical spider with legs carved out of polished tomiek 225,500   
scaled-down gloomwood-framed war tent with walls of steelsilk 135,300   !!
small diamond-hide guard house secured by steelsilk bars 315,700   !!
jaspe money bag of goldweave coins embroidered with "No Pigpockets PLEASE!" 297,660   !!
soft-sided basket of woven armure filled with papyrus scrolls 135,300   !!
On the blackwood table
Item Price Done
wee little smokehouse of dragonfire brocade 676,500   !!
plush velvet brining bucket with a curved smokewood handle 721,600   !!
sumptuously soft steelsilk skillet serving slightly seared smoky satin sausages 108,240   !!
maple spun glitter blanket resembling a rolled up pancake 126,280   !!
large goldweave-layered croissant 261,580   !!
enormous pillowy-soft dumpling composed of westan wool 144,320   !!
soft brown zibeline pretzel sprinkled with heliotrope sesame seeds 7,252,080   !!
glitvire wine barrel labeled "HOGWASH" and topped with iridescent pearl bubbles 811,800   !!

[This Little Piggy, Went To Market]
A mural takes over all four walls, its pictures showing a bustling marketplace full of colorfully painted stalls draped with ribbons. Instead of the usual customers, the streets are full of pigs in all sizes and hues with their backs supporting shopping baskets and bags. On either side of the room, an actual stall is built. One is bright blue with tiny flowers decorating it, while the other is grapefruit-pink and designed to look like a dresser of drawers, each one a different metal.
Obvious exits: east.

In the copper drawer (which is on a grapefruit-pink stall designed to look like a dresser of drawers)
Item Price Done
twisted bronze torc displaying the words "Oinkus Maximus" 902   
gladiator tunic sewn out of roughspun cotton 902   
fake hammered bronze gladiator helm with feathered wings sprouting from each side 902   
oiled leather war belt bearing a pig-sized bronze sword 902   
In the silver drawer (which is on a grapefruit-pink stall designed to look like a dresser of drawers)
Item Price Done
jaunty white sailor's cap trimmed in navy blue 902   
thick watersilk sash displaying a seaman's knife 45,100   
striped sailcloth tunic with splotchy water stains along the cuffs 1,804   
navy blue neck scarf embroidered with skulls and crossbones 451   
In the gold drawer (which is on a grapefruit-pink stall designed to look like a dresser of drawers)
Item Price Done
scintillating white wig teased to towering heights 1,172,600   
majestic royal blue ballgown with a voluminous hooped skirt edged in silver 315,700   
frilly powder blue bustle trimmed with shireli lace 405,900   
delicate shireli lace choker displaying an ivory cameo pendant 360,800   
In the platinum drawer (which is on a grapefruit-pink stall designed to look like a dresser of drawers)
Item Price Done
dashing black top hat trimmed with a band of marblesilk along the brim 54,120   
elegant black velvet jacket with slender lapels of silver jaalmin 360,800   
formal sash of black jaalmin edged in silver 405,900   
polished silversteel monocle edged with tiny pink piglets 586,300   
On the blue stall
Item Price Done
red velvet cupcake-shaped crown topped with a vanilla gauze frosting swirl 902   
fluffy spun rainbow wig reminiscent of cotton candy 135,300   
mud-spattered raincoat with squeaky yellow galoshes 1,127   
wide wicker hat constructed from an upside-down picnic basket 902   
floofy lemon chiffon pancake tutu sprinkled with maple-hued drops of amber 9,020   
crisp bowler hat displaying a jauntily tipped flower 902   
midnight black bandit's mask 902   
fluffy green bathrobe dotted with tiny clusters of grapes 2,706   
fluffy hot pink towel twisted into a turban sprinkled with tiny pansies 2,706   
pale blue dress displaying ruffled skirts trimmed in white lace 2,706