The History and Teachings of Kigot

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A book rumored to be within the possession of certain Necromancers. Its contents are largely unknown, but portions that have filtered through the rumor mill include:

  • It said to have been written by Xerasyth.
  • It states that Jonathan Kigot was once a Cleric.
  • It follows Kigot's transition from being a Cleric to being a Necromancer.
  • It discusses Kigot's specific teachings about how Necromancy, with the insertion of a particular moral system to guide its practioners, can be used to somehow help all sentient beings find true freedom.

OOC Note: Non-Necromancer players can also read the openly available post from Armifer (added below) for more information on this topic. However, please remember that knowing the information from this post is still OOC-only, and not something a non-Necro character should know in-game.

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