Telgi Ballroom

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Telgi Ballroom, Oak Bar
Festival Romancing the Seas
# of Rooms 1
Store Type drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Telgi Ballroom]
A curved oak bar nestles in the corner of the ballroom, accented by tall leather-covered stools and lit candles that lend it an inviting atmosphere. Dark oak-framed mirrors decorate the wall behind of the bar with fragmented reflections of the couples moving across the dance floor.
You also see an ivory-inlaid arch.
Obvious exits: none. Ship paths: starboard, aft to starboard, aft.

On the oak bar
Item Price Done
a salt-stained oak barrel filled with Drowning Man's grog 0   
some frosted-glass bottles of Dark Mule red tequila 0   
a double-handled crystal pitcher filled with Rissan paute dadanen 0   
several bottles of Zoluren Reserve red wine 0   
a lager-filled silver-banded ebony cask painted with of pair of captivating emerald eyes 0   !!