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Note: This is the older system for leatherworking, and does not fall under the Tailoring discipline.

The Basics

What You'll Need

Stop by your local, or not so local Tanning Shop To pick up your supplies. You'll want some thread, a bodkin, some shears, tanning salts (lotion or potion depending on what sort of skin you're working with) and a pattern. If you don't have your own materials, you can buy those in some locations as well.

You'll also want to pick up a hide scraper if you don't have one, to prepare the pelt for curing. Scraping hides is a great way to learn mechanical lore, even if you don't plan to use the skins for tanning.

Preparing Your Material

Find a nice cushy spot to sit for a while and scrape your skins. Taking your time and scraping carefully will decrease your chances of snagging the pelt and reducing the quality of your item. For most items you'll need several pelts or skins, and you won't know how many you need until after you start cutting them. So scrape plenty.

After you've scraped your skins, you can now start them curing. To do that, hold your scraped material and your salts (lotion or potion). POUR LOTION/POTION on PELT/SKIN/HIDE until you're sure you've got enough on there. Once that's done (and you'll know when its enough), the curing process begins. This is a long wait - several RL hours. So again, make sure you've got plenty of skins to make whatever it is you're trying for. You don't have to be logged in during this time, and you can also store them in your vault and they will continue to cure.

WARNING: Potion is for pelts and lotion is for hides and skins. If you use the wrong one on your pelt/hide/skin it will melt and disappear.

Here's an idea of how long your wait will be. It depends on the size of the skin or pelt you're tanning.

  • 5 scrapes - 8 hrs
  • 4 scrapes - 6 hrs
  • 3 scrapes - 5 hrs
  • 2 scrapes - 3 hrs
  • 1 scrapes - 1.5 hrs

When you think enough time has passed, LOOK at your skin to check on it. When the skin looks completely cured, it's ready to be tanned. -Due to the new skinning change all skins are now 5 pieces, and take 8 hours to cure.

Tanning Your Item

Once all of your skins are cured completely, you can try to craft them into something. Hold a cured skin and your pattern, then PUT PATTERN on SKIN/PELT/HIDE. This will allow you to mark out the pattern on the material. If you've goofed, RUB the material to take the pattern off and try again.

With the pattern marked, you can now cut your pieces. With your shears and marked material in hand, CUT your SKIN/PELT/HIDE. This will leave you with some pieces if you succeed. At this time you will know if you need to mark and cut another piece of material for what you're making or not. If you end up with some pieces, you'll need some more material cut. BUNDLE your pieces until you have "a set". Now you're ready to move on.

Now get your bodkin out and POKE your set with it. Put the set aside after this so you can thread your bodkin with your stout thread. To do this, PUT THREAD on BODKIN. Now you can put the rest of the thread away and get your set again.

Say a little prayer to the tanning gods and STRING SET until the item is completed. With skill and some luck, you'll end up with a brand new piece of gear.


If you succeed in making an item, the make and quality of the item will vary depending on many factors including the quality of the skins, your mechanical lore skill, and your skill in the item you are creating (leather armor skill for armor, shield skill for shields, etc).

From Best to Worst these qualities are:

  • Perfect
  • Superior
  • Superb
  • Elegant
  • Sturdy
  • Fine
  • Well-Made
  • Normal (no adjective)
  • Home-Made
  • Rough
  • Shoddy
  • Crude


1 skin = 5 pieces

Pattern Skins needed String Set times Mech Needed for Perfect
<pattern type> # of skins # of string sets <skill amount>
Reinforced Leather 2 9 (60 sec each) 350-400
Cowl 1 4 (60 sec each)  ?
Saddle 3 11 (60 sec each)  ?
Bridle 2 5 (60 sec each) ~180 mech, ~129 leathers, made fine
Flanchard 3  ?  ?
Buckler 1 2 (55 sec each)  ?
Shield 1 3 (45 sec each) ~250 mech, ~250 leather
Reinforced Gloves 1 4 (60 sec each) ~250 mech, ~250 leather, made superb
Thick Leathers 2 9 (60 sec each) ~255 mech, ~265 leathers, made rough

What to Tan

Only hides and skins may be used for making armor. For clothing and containers, you may use pelts, hides, or skins. The type of skin used has no effect on nonprotective gear other than influencing its difficulty to make and its appearance, but different skins and hides can yield wildly different results when it comes to armor.

Some examples of skins used in armor/shields:


Perfect and Superior Quality only.

Note: Superior Quality is normally the same as perfect quality, but sometimes weighs a few stones more.

Armor Type Skin Quality Maneuv./Stealth Hindrance Puncture Slice Impact Fire Cold Elec Durability Weight
Thick Leathers Azure Scale Hide Superior  ?/? Mod/Fair Fair/Fair Fair/Mod Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Moderately Strong 387
Thick Leathers Black Leucro Hide Rough Great/Fair Mod/Fair Mod/Fair Good/Mod Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Average 580
Reinforced Leathers Black Firecat Superior Mod/Fair High/Mod High/Mod Good/Mod Fair/Mod Low/Mod Mod/Mod Very Strong 324
Reinforced Leathers Gargoyle Superior High/Fair High/Mod High/Mod High/Mod Low/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Quite Hard 340

Reinforced Leathers Black Leucro Perfect  ?/Fair Mod/Fair Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Low/Fair Low/Fair Fair/Fair Fairly Sturdy 420
Reinforced Leathers Gargoyle Perfect High/Fair High/Mod High/Mod High/Mod Low/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Quite Hard 336
Reinforced Leathers Serpent Perfect Mod/Fair Good/Mod Mod/Mod Good/Mod Low/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Mod Strong 288
Reinforced Leathers Storm Bull Perfect Great/Fair High/Mod High/Mod High/Mod Low/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Quite Hard 400
Reinforced Leathers Bison Perfect Overwhelming/Fair High/Mod High/Mod High/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Mod/Mod Quite Hard 480

Reinforced Leathers Azure-Scaled Perfect High/Fair High/Mod High/Mod High/Mod Low/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Very Strong 320
Reinforced Leathers Black Firecat Perfect Mod/Fair High/Mod High/Mod Good/Mod Fair/Mod Low/Mod Mod/Mod Quite Hard 320

Scaled Leathers Crocodile Perfect  ?/? Mod/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Fair/Fair Poor/Fair Mod/Fair Fairly Sturdy 300
Scaled Leathers Gargoyle-hide Perfect Great/Fair Mod/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Low/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Marg. vulnerable 300
Reinforced Coat Cave Troll Hide Perfect High/Light Good/Mod Good/Mod High/Mod Fair/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Average 277
Reinforced Coat Black Leucro Hide Perfect High/Light Good/Mod Good/Mod Good/Mod Low/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod Average 320
Reinforced Coat Gargoyle-hide Perfect Overw/Light Good/Mod Good/Mod High/Mod Low/Mod Fair/Mod Mod/Mod App. Susceptible 448
Reinforced Breastplate Gargoyle-hide Perfect Mod/Light Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Low/Fair Low/Fair Fair/Fair App. Susceptible 168
Cowl Azure Scale Hide Perfect  ?/? Fair/Fair Low/Fair Low/M Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Average 42
Cowl Bison Perfect Light/Insig Good/Fair Good/Fair High/Mod Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Mod/Fair Very Strong 84
Cowl Crocodile Perfect  ?/? Good/Fair Good/Fair High/Mod Mod/Fair Low/Fair Mod/Fair Very Strong 70
Cowl Gargoyle Perfect Insig/Insig Good/Fair Good/Fair Good/Mod Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Very Strong 58
Reinforced Greaves Sharkskin Perfect No/Insig Fair/Fair Low/Fair Poor/Fair Poor/Fair Mod/Fair Low/Fair App. Susceptible 40
Thick Gloves Gargoyle Perfect Light/Insig Good/Fair Good/Fair High/Mod Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Mod/Fair Very Strong 32
Reinforced Gloves Sharkskin Perfect Light/Insig Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Poor/Fair Mod/Fair Low/Fair App. Susceptible 30
Reinforced Gloves Gargoyle-hide Perfect Light/Insig Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Fair/Fair Poor/Fair Fair/Fair Low/Fair App. Susceptible 30
Protective Gloves Gargoyle-hide Perfect No/Insig Low/Low Poor/Low Low/Low Poor/Low Low/Low Fair/Low App. Susceptible 18

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