Tamsine's Hearth

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Tamsine's Hearth
Event Rathan Carnival
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Tamsine's Hearth, Showroom]
Stacks of rock and brick are piled between stoves and fireplaces in every stage of completion. A spidery network of stovepipes connects the display models to chimneys on either side of the room. A clerk hovers over potential customers except when nervously dusting the display models.
You also see a furniture merchant and a wagon door.
Obvious exits: east.

To order, type ORDER
Item Price Done
1. a large riverstone fireplace 349,377   No
2. a raven-carved riverstone fireplace 457,221   No
3. a gold-flecked pink marble fireplace 401,377   No
4. a marble-topped red brick fireplace 387,521   No
5. a small white tile stove 97,225   No
6. a cheery yellow tile stove 96,997   No
7. an elegant grey soapstone stove 172,357   No
8. an elegant black soapstone stove 177,592   No
9. a massive brick fireplace and hearth 499,999   No

[Tamsine's Hearth, Stove Room]
Stoves of all shapes and sizes are arranged throughout the room. Overhead stovepipes connect the stoves to a chimney, allowing the display to include actual flame. A clerk energetically adjusts the fuel and draft of various stoves except when actually speaking to customers.
You also see a furniture merchant.
Obvious exits: north, west.

To order, type ORDER
Item Price Done
1. an elegant green soapstone stove 172,468   No
2. an elegant pink soapstone stove 176,998   No
3. a small green soapstone stove 102,924   No
4. a small grey soapstone stove 101,103   No
5. a small black soapstone stove 111,340   No
6. a small iron potbelly stove 37,221   No
7. a medium iron potbelly stove 65,223   No
8. a small brick stove 354   No
9. a steel-frame carved granite stove 127,503   No

[Tamsine's Hearth, Fireplace room]
Fireplaces line the walls of this cramped room, often with less than an inch of space separating them. More fireplaces stand back to back forming an island in the center of the room. Space is so tight, large 'Togs must step over rather than between some of the fireplaces. A thin clerk feeds the fires, dusts the hearths, and speaks with customers.
You also see a furniture merchant.
Obvious exits: south.

To order, type ORDER
Item Price Done
1. a compact red brick fireplace 72,691   No
2. a large carved limestone fireplace 150,201   No
3. a large carved fieldstone fireplace 139,872   No
4. a modest carved limestone fireplace 135,029   No
5. a medium riverstone fireplace 147,793   No
6. a small carved limestone fireplace 60,000   No
7. a small riverstone fireplace 80,000   No
8. a small fieldstone fireplace 60,000   No
9. a small brick fireplace 65,559   No
10. a small stone fireplace 64,899   No
11. a white-marbled green granite fireplace 282,445   No
12. a rich brown granite fireplace 265,221   No