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I've yet to attempt to put together maps for the site so i'll leave it to someone more capable then myself. In addition to what is on this map there are a few other sections.

In the gargoyle area in the room that you can either go bones or move North East, there also is the option to "go roots". This brings you to the muscular fire cat area. This area is also mine-able.

In the crab area the SE room if you "go crack" you will be brought to the serpent area. This area is also mine-able.

At the end of this serpent area you will find a large area. I'm pretty certain I've seen serpents there but they might have just leaked out of the serpant cave.

In the larger jungle area there are three trails and a pool. Two of the trails lead to each other as some form of short cut, while the third leads to the gremlin area. The pool also has an opening in the north corner that leads to an altar, which is where you end up if you depart. It should be noted to get back into the serpent area you must first "search creeper" in the NE room that you came from. --Callahaan 15:37, 15 February 2012 (UTC)

Added Furrier, LTB Tent, Southern Walkway, Gem Shop. Will add AutoEmpath soon, as well as link for gem shop (along with shop page creation). Anyone know a good way to refer to the Caravan with rotating shops? --Leito 07:22, 13 August 2012 (UTC)