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REYANDO try to leave a name when making a discussion message. As for your question. To my knowledge stats don't particularly effect crafting. The final stats will be determined by the craftsmanship quality of the final product (mastercraft, outstanding, etc), the pattern used, and the stats of the material used for the pattern. As for avoiding the mistakes that reduce craftsmanship it's a matter of pattern difficulty and material workability vs player's crafting skills, relevant techs, and relevant hobbies/professions. Physical Resist + density/weight will determine shield protection as well as armor puncture/blunt/slice protection. Thermal stat + density/weight of the metal will determine fire/cold protection of the armor. Electrical stat + density/weight of the metal will determine the electricity protection of the armor. Physical Resist? + density/weight of the metal will determine the shield bash damage of shields. Metal weight/density will determine the hindrance of the result. Since the final results are based on craftmanship even a newbie forger could make an amazing piece so long as they stick to an easy pattern and amazing metal they can properly manage.

In regards to shield bash damage I noticed that one can use SLAM LEFT to shield bash with an arm worn shield. Likewise not only the protection, but also suitability, balance, and impact damage are reduced in arm worn mode. How should the template data be modified to handle all these differences? - Maylel (talk) 17:10, 31 May 2016.

Upon what skills and stats does the final product depend? Do ranks in that particular armor type have an affect upon the quality of the final product?

Does one's strength or agility affect the chance of creating/avoiding errors in the forging process?